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4 - The First Secret of a Clear Complexion: The Essential Role of Nutritional Detoxification

Meschino D.C. M.S., James Basic Health Publications ePub


The First Secret of a Clear Complexion: The Essential Role of Nutritional Detoxification

In recent years, skin-care professionals have begun to recognize just how important good nutrition and nutritional supplements are in preventing and controlling various skin conditions and complexion problems. They are beginning to understand the valuable role these substances play in producing the best in skin health and total body wellness.

The old adage “you are what you eat” is proving to be true. Many scientific studies have shown that a number of common skin conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and even acne can be improved by changing diet and supplementing with important nutrients for skin health. Although dietary modifications and the use of certain nutritional supplements may not totally resolve these skin conditions in every case, clinical studies and my own personal observations of patients and clients have shown that nutrition and supplementation can significantly improve these problems for a large number of people. My experience suggests that eczema, rosacea, and seborrhea are most responsive to the nutrition and supplementation program discussed in this book, whereas cases of psoriasis and severe acne are harder to predict. Mild to moderate cases of adolescent and adult acne tend to respond better than severe cases of adolescent and adult acne.

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12. Losing Soil in Global Dust Storms

Hunter, Beatrice Trum Basic Health Publications ePub


The dust bowl storms of the 1930s in America are well appreciated. They left their devastating mark on the Great Plains region. However, dust storms are not just a thing of the past. There is growing recognition that global dust storms are occurring and transporting soil, along with other substances, and depositing them far from their sources. This long-range transport of dust in the atmosphere has implications for soil erosion, as well as for global public health and ecosystem health. Global dust storms, perhaps, are the most recent pollution problem to come into our awareness.

Eugene A. Shinn, Ph.D., a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, has studied global dust storms, and suggests that they represent an increasing medical threat requiring an understanding of the disciplines of geology, meteorology, chemistry, radionuclides, and microbiology. The movement of soil particles in atmospheres is a normal planetary process. Images of wind-spouts (“Martian dust devils”) and dust storms have been captured by NASA’s Pathfinder. Storm activity plays a significant role in creating the red atmospheric haze of Mars. On planet Earth, desert soils, moving into the atmosphere, are responsible for brilliant orange hues seen in sunrises and sunsets. In severe dust storms, millions of tons of soil may be taken up and moved across huge expanses of land and ocean.

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87. Jock Itch

Mindell R.P.H. Ph.D., Earl Basic Health Publications ePub

Jock itch (Tinea cruris), also called groin ringworm, is an itchy, painful fungal infection of the groin and upper and inner thighs. It occurs more frequently in warmer weather and afflicts more men than women. The infection can be quite stubborneven with diligent application of antifungal products. Fortunately, these products are not your only recourse. Jock itch can be cured, and prevented, by following some commonsense advice and taking a few safe and simple steps.


•  Caprylic acid: Apply externally twice daily.

•  Complete all-natural multivitamin/mineral complex rich in antioxidants.

•  Glutamine: 50150 mg daily.

•  MSM: 1,000 mg, three times daily.

•  Oregano oil: as directed on label (as capsules).

•  Prebiotic fiber blend: as directed on label.


•  Garlic extract: 500 mg, twice daily.

•  Ginger extract (EXT EV 77): 500 mg, one to two times daily (as capsules).

•  Olive leaf extract: 500 mg, one to two times daily (as capsules).


•  Drink one or two cups of pau darco tea daily.

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Mindell R.Ph. Ph.D., Earl Basic Health Publications ePub
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8. Shopping for and Taking Vitamin E

Challem, Jack Basic Health Publications ePub



By now, you should appreciate the health benefits of vitamin E. One of the best things you can do for your health is to begin taking vitamin E supplements, if you aren’t already. While doing so might seem as simple as buying a bottle of vitamin E, finding a quality product can often be difficult and confusing. In this chapter, we explain the important differences between natural and synthetic vitamin E and the many different forms of this vitamin. We also offer a number of tips to help you choose among the many different types of vitamin E supplements.

Vitamin E—A Fat-Soluble Vitamin We Need

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient. It is a fat-soluble vitamin (in contrast to water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C) which means that it functions primarily in the fatty portions of cells. It also means that vitamin E supplements are best taken with a little fat or oil (as is usually found in a regular meal) for optimal absorption.

Fat-soluble Vitamin

A vitamin that dissolves only in oil and is found in the fatty parts of food. Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin E are best absorbed when consumed with a small amount of fat.

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