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Multithreading is not a new concept in software, but it is new to come into the lime light.

Before looking how multithreading is implemented in .NET let us have a brief look at what threads are and their importance.

What are threads

A thread can be defined as a separate path of execution for a program. Multithreaded programs contain two or more parts that can run concurrently. Each part of such program is called thread. A thread is a basic unit to which the system allocates processor time.

Let us have a brief look one of the most important concepts called time sharing. A computer system can give the impression that several things are done simultaneously by each process for few milliseconds, then saving its state and switching over to next process and so on.

Thread simply extend that concept from switching between several different functions executing simultaneously within a single program. A thread is not restricted just to one function. Any thread in a multithreaded program can call any series of methods that could be called in a single threaded program.

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Part II M-Q-1-12

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Previous Years Question Papers





Note : This paper contains fifty (50) multiple-choice questions, each question carrying two (2) marks. Attempt all of them.


Discussion Method can be used when :

A. The topic is very difficult

B. The topic is easy

C. The topic is difficult

D. All the above


Which of the following is a teaching aid ?

A. Working Model of Wind Mill

B. Tape Recorder

C. 16 mm Film Projector

D. All the above


The main aim of teaching is :

A. To develop only reasoning

C. Both (A) and (B)

B. To develop only thinking

D. To give information


The quality of teaching is reflected :

A. By the attendance of students in the class

B. By the pass percentage of students

C. By the quality of questions asked by students

D. By the duration of silence maintained in the class


The present annual examination system :

A. promotes rote learning

B. does not promote good study habits

C. does not encourage students to be regular in class

D. All the above

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Cost of Production


In the chemical project economics, cost of production plays a key role. It represents operating expenses, which are of recurring in nature. They have significant impact on the selling price and ultimately profitability. In its simple form, purely on economic considerations, the dependence of selling price on the cost of production is given by:

Selling price = β (Project cost) + Gross cost of production


Where Gross cost of production = Cost of production + Administrative expenses at administrative site if located separately.


β represents the return on investment (project cost and other investment related costs such as interest etc.).

Operating expenses are incurred after the plant is commissioned and the production begins. These expenses, though incurred regularly and repetitively, are divided into direct and indirect costs.

The direct costs have a direct bearing or relation to the quantity of finished saleable product produced. Raw materials, utilities, catalyst, packing material and effluent treatment chemicals are the examples of direct costs. Indirect costs are salaries, administrative costs, factory overheads, selling expenses, etc., and they have no direct relation to quantities of product produced.

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Sexual Oppression in Satish Alekar’s

Mickey and the Memsahib

Excelling in depicting absurdities of life, mingling black humour and satire, Satish

Alekar (1949 - ) has been acknowledged as a major force in the Indian theatre. Coming under the influence of the dramatist Diwakar (Shankar Kashinath Garge (1889-1931) who employed Natyachhata (dramatic monologues) to project issues of social customs, women, politics, colonial bureaucracy, using dark comedy and cynicism, Alekar has successfully mingled colloquialism and traditional theatrical practices of Maharashtra

(Alekar 410).

Mickey and Memsahib (1973) throws light on the irony of life that a hen-pecked professor who lives under his young and beautiful wife, depicting sexual oppression.

The play is a mingling of realism with absurd mode of expression shown in the strange relationship between the professor and his wife.

Alekar has very adroitly brought together several sequences in Mickey and the

Memsahib to bring out very powerfully the stream of consciousness of the protagonist who undergoes mental and physical conflicts in his relationship with his wife. Though, disconnected, in thought and feeling depicting absurd situations, the play delves deeply into various areas in a suppressed self.

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