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1 Enemies in the Desert

The Arbiner Institute Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

“I’m not going!” The teenage girl’s shriek pulled everyone’s attention to her. “You can’t make me go!”

The woman she was yelling at attempted a reply. “Jenny, listen to me.”

“I’m not going!” Jenny screamed. “I don’t care what you say. I won’t!”

At this, the girl turned and faced a middle-aged man who seemed torn between taking her into his arms and slinking away unnoticed. “Daddy, please!” she bawled.

Lou Herbert, who was watching the scene from across the parking lot, knew before Jenny spoke that this was her father. He could see himself in the man. He recognized the ambivalence he felt toward his own child, eighteen-year-old Cory, who was standing stiffly at his side.

Cory had recently spent a year in prison for a drug conviction. Less than three months after his release, he was arrested for stealing a thousand dollars’ worth of prescription painkillers, bringing more shame upon himself and, Lou thought, the family. This treatment program better do something to shape Cory up, Lou said to himself. He looked back at Jenny and her father, whom she was now clutching in desperation. Lou was glad Cory had been sent here by court order. It meant that a stunt like Jenny’s would earn Cory another stint in jail. Lou was pretty sure their morning would pass without incident.

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Chapter 6. Playing

Kathryn U. Hulings University of North Texas Press PDF


The past few years, I have started to type a fan letter, but I always end

up hitting delete, even before I print it out to see how it reads on paper, to see if maybe my words look less creepy on an 8 × 10 sheet graced by sunlight than under the starkness of office lights and the glare of my computer screen.

I’m a middle-aged woman, and I swear that I’ve never written a fan letter to any celebrity. Never. Not to Oprah, not to Baryshnikov, not even to Treat Williams. I admit, I did wax poetic my adoration for

Bobby Sherman on a piece of construction paper spritzed with Love’s

Baby Soft perfume when I was eight years old, and I swooned over the life-size poster of his boyish frame that hung on my closet door. I never sent that red crayon confession of undying worship, though; I think I was unsatisfied with sending my innermost thoughts to a fan magazine and, unable to find Bobby’s personal address, I deep-sixed that loveletter in my flower-power trashcan.

Since that time, I have been consistently unimpressed with the juvenile antics, the self-obsessed posing, the ridiculous salaries, and the self-proclaimed-pseudo-political-expertise of the silver screen jet set.

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Naomi Scott University of North Texas Press PDF


A attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), 7 attention span, 73 autism, 7, 28, 183–87

Ayres, A. Jean, 140

abdominal strength, 134, 136,

161–62 abused youth, 104

Adams, Ronald C., 17 adaptive equipment, 49

Advisory Council on Riding for the Disabled, 18 agility, 11, 70 aging population, 14–15, 127–31

Ainsworth, Gayle, 141 alignment, 64

All Star Equestrian Foundation,

Inc., 90, 91–95, 148

American Competition

Opportunities for Riders with

Disabilities, Inc. (ACORD), 81

American Hippotherapy

Association (AHA), 21–22, 190

American Occupational Therapy

Association, 5, 189

American Physical Therapy

Association, 5, 189 amputees and amputations, 6, 49 aneurysms, 55 anti-casts, 61, 114 anxiety, 7 aquatic therapy, 146, 147

Asberger’s Syndrome, 183, 186 asymmetry, 5

B backriding, 51, 175 balance and carriage driving, 73 and English saddles, 96 and hippotherapy, 5, 62–63,

64 maneuvers to increase, 40 and motion of horse, 11 and private riding programs,

88 of profile subjects, 109–10,

127, 129, 134, 136, 153,

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Forrie, Allan Thistledown Press ePub
“The Housewife” by Tara Manuel is about Sharon Jenkins, a housewife whose husband leaves for long periods to work at oil camps. During one particularly lonely absence, Sharon becomes emboldened after watching her attractive young neighbour clear his sidewalk.

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2. Health Record

Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe University of North Texas Press PDF

Health Record

I sped through the niceties and got right to the point.

“Since we’re pretty sure that Sam does have autism, I wonder what you think we ought to do next?” I asked Patti.

“My friend’s son has autism,” she said. “At one point, I remember that they went to the university hospital in Syracuse and saw someone there. And I read in the newspaper that the local autism group got a big grant to support families. Maybe you should call them, too.”

I found the local autism society in the phone book and called. No one was there. The next day I called again. A volunteer answered. Her director was out of town at a conference, but would call me when she returned.

“Could you give me the number, please, of the university hospital in Syracuse?” I asked. “Someone suggested to us that it would be a good place to go.”

The volunteer offered the name and number of a developmental pediatrician at the State University of New York Health

Science Center in Syracuse. The words “developmental pediatrician” didn’t sink in right away. We hung up before a question formed in my head: how does a developmental pediatrician differ from a plain pediatrician?

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