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Beautiful Bow-Tie Belt

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

easy peasy

Beautiful Bow-Tie Belt

What Do I Need?

⅜ yard of fun fabric

½ yard of featherweight fusible interfacing

2 D-rings (1˝)

Fun-colored sewing thread to coordinate with the fabric

Basic sewing supplies

special skills

Refer to The Rules of Sewing

Using an iron

If you are using a ¼˝ presser foot, don’t forget to use washi tape as a guide to make the correct seam allowance width for this project.

Prepare the Pieces

1.Cut 1 piece of fabric and 1 piece of interfacing to measure 6˝ × 10˝ for the bow tie.

2.Cut 1 piece of fabric and 1 piece of interfacing to measure 3˝ × 3½˝ for the center piece of the bow tie.

3.Cut 1 piece of fabric and 1 piece of interfacing to measure 5˝ wide and your waist measurement plus 8˝ in length for the belt.


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Family and Friends

Nancy Lee Murty C&T Publishing ePub

Finished blocks: 18″ × 18″ and 6″ × 6

Finished quilt: 60″ × 60″

Skill level: Experienced Beginner

Over the years, quilts have often given insight into the lives of the quilter who crafted the piece. We all have admired the e×quisite Baltimore Album, which recounts with beautiful detail the highlights of a family's life. I am equally moved by the simple patchwork quilt, in which pieces of Grandma's favorite dress or the drapery fabric from Great-grandma's house hide. How wonderful to pass along such cherished memories to future generations.

Family and Friends offers a design that will truly be cherished for years and generations to come. The quilt includes several opportunities for personal touches, such as names, pictures, or favorite fabrics. I chose to place old family photos in the centers of my Star blocks.

Assorted dark fabrics: 1¼ yards total for stars, leaf, and berry appliqués, or ¾ yard assorted dark fabrics and 7 inkjet fabric sheets if you are using photos for the star center (I like Printed Treasures Inkjet Fabric Sheets by Milliken.)

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Why Every Modern Girl Should Sew

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Why bother sewing?

You can buy clothes at Walmart for a fraction of what it costs you to make them. Home furnishings are available online at the click of a button, and styles are changing faster than anyone can keep up. Gifts line the shelves at the local mall, and if you’re really desperate, you can buy something handmade (by someone else, of course) on Etsy.

Besides, who has time to sew? Have you looked at your calendar lately? Where exactly are you going to find time to do this in between meetings, errands, and the 50 other appointments on your schedule today?

Making the Case for Sewing

In today’s world, it may seem as if sewing has become completely irrelevant, but I disagree. So do a lot of other people out there. The handmade revolution has exploded in recent years. There was a time when people made everything themselves because they had no other choice. Now we’re choosing to make more things ourselves because we’re finding that it’s a more fulfilling way to live.

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March—Birdhouse Quilt

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Birdhouse Quilt, 20½˝ × 28½˝, made by Kim Schaefer, quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

    yard total assorted light blues for pieced background

   ½ yard total assorted dark blues for pieced border

    yard total assorted tans for appliqué pieces

    yard total assorted lights for flowers

    yard total assorted pinks for flower centers

    yard total assorted greens for leaves

    yard brown for tree

    yard total assorted reds for birds

   Scrap of black for birdhouse

   Scraps of orange for beaks and legs

   1 yard for backing and binding

   24˝ × 32˝ batting

   1¼ yards paper-backed fusible web

Appliqué patterns are on pattern page P3. Refer to page 3 for preparing the appliqué.

Cut 15 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted light blues for the pieced background.

Cut 20 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted dark blues for the pieced border.

Cut 1 each of appliqué pieces 1–33.

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Splitting a Big Project into Manageable Pieces

Heidi Staples Stash Books ePub

Make Something Bigger: Projects for Time and Travel

I must govern the clock, not be governed by it. —Golda Meir

While there will always be occasions that call for quick projects, it’s good to leave room in your life for the occasional challenge. There’s going to be a moment when you’re browsing online and a new pattern catches your eye. It’s gorgeous and interesting, and it already has a growing following among the blogs. Your fingers are itching to get started. “But how,” you ask, “am I going to find time for something that big? Small finishes I can do, but that? No way.”

All that is about to change.

Splitting a Big Project into Manageable Pieces

As far as I’m concerned, a project is “big” if …

+It means a lot of hand sewing. This includes projects involving English paper piecing, embroidery, or hand quilting.

+It’s made up of quilt blocks that are difficult to piece or have lots of small pieces.

+The quilt itself is physically large, calling for a large number of blocks.

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