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Sugar 'n' Spice

Helen Frost C&T Publishing PDF




⁄2 yard of solid fabrics in each of 4 colorways for

Nine-Patch blocks

Making the Strip Sets

For each fabric combination, arrange and sew the 11⁄4˝ strips into the following side sets and middle sets.

⁄4 yard total of assorted prints which coordinate with each of the 4 colorways for squares

Side sets:

Middle sets:







Make 2.

Make 1.


15⁄8 yards for outer border

Assorted scraps for appliqué pieces



23⁄4 yards for backing (pieced widthwise)






Make 2.

Make 1.

Batting: 47˝ × 56˝







Make 2.

Make 1.







Make 2.

Make 1.

⁄8 yard for first border

⁄2 yard for binding


Refer to Measure Twice, Cut Once, pages 9–10.

From each solid fabric:

Cut 9 strips 11⁄4˝ × width of fabric, for Nine-Patch blocks.

(Note: Make the Nine-Patch blocks first and measure the blocks before cutting the squares; see Measuring the

Squares, page 13.)

From each colorway of assorted prints:

Making the Nine-Patch Blocks

1. Cut each strip set into 11⁄4˝ sections.

2. Arrange and sew the sections into Nine-Patch blocks.

Make a few extra blocks for design alternatives.

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Chapter 12. Winter Play

Salley Mavor C&T Publishing ePub

Make a winter scene come to life with this flurry of dolls. Bundled in their warm wool felt jackets, mittens, and snow pants, they are eager to play outside in the chilly weather. Jack Frost beams as they ski, sled, and skate on the wintry snow and ice.

For more specific directions, see these sections:

Basic Materials for Most Dolls

Faces, clothing, and accessories: See Making Wee Folk and Fairies.


Doll Stand


jack frost

Jack Frost (3˝ doll)

Additional Materials

Makes 1 Jack Frost doll.

1 standard 3˝ doll armature

1 unvarnished 16mm wooden bead for head

Wool/silk thread for hair

Metallic thread

½˝ snowflake button for walking stick

Chenille stem 3mm in diameter for walking stick

1˝ metal washer for doll stand (optional)


Walking Stick

See Canes and Ski Poles for steps to make the walking stick.

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Checkered Whimsy Table Runner

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Table Runner

{The color combination of purples, greens, and teals gives this table runner a light-hearted, whimsical look.}

Quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

Finished table runner: 22½″ × 54½″

yard light green for pieced center

yard light purple for pieced center

¼ yard black for appliqué background and appliquéd circles

1 yard dark green for appliqué backgrounds

yard green for stems and leaves

yard teal for flowers

yard dark teal for flower centers

½ yard light teal for scallops

¼ yard dark purple for circles

2 yards paper-backed fusible web

1¾ yards for backing

½ yard for bias binding

27″ × 59″ batting

Cut from light green: 56 squares 2½″ × 2½″ for pieced center

Cut from light purple: 56 squares 2½″ × 2½″ for pieced center

Cut from dark green: 2 strips 4½″ × 32½″ for appliqué backgrounds

1. Arrange and sew together 4 light purple and 3 light green squares for the pieced center. Press. Make 8 rows.

Sew squares. Make 8.

2. Arrange and sew together 4 light green and 3 light purple squares for the pieced center. Press. Make 8 rows.

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Lone Star

Emily Cier C&T Publishing ePub


Crib: 38″ × 55½″

Lap: 53½″ × 55½″

Twin: 68½″ × 92½″

Queen: 91½″ × 92½″

This version of the Lone Star has been deconstructed down to its basic elements and built back up into a lattice pattern, in the process avoiding the original’s difficult seams.

The quilt is made from 3 colorways, using several prints from each colorway. Fabrics with little contrast in the print work best.

∗cw = color way

Keep the fabric folded on the manufacturer’s fold so Piece B and its reverse (Br) and Piece C and its reverse (Cr) can be cut at the same time.

Note: The fast2cut Half- & Quarter-Diamond Rulers (see Resources, page 63) make cutting the half- and quarter-diamonds easy.

∗wof = width of fabric ∗∗cw = color way ∗∗∗A summary of the method used to make the second cuts follows this chart.

Using the fast2cut Half- & Quarter-Diamond Ruler Set, or the measurements shown in the illustration (below), cut Pieces A, B, and Br from the 8¾″ strips. Start at the selvage edge and cut the B and Br quarter-diamonds. Then cut the A half-diamonds. Make sure to cut A, B, and Br pieces from each print. Remember to allow for the ¼″ top edge of Pieces B and Br as you cut them.

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Midsummer Night’s Dream

Emily Breclaw C&T Publishing ePub

PIECED BY Emily Breclaw
QUILTED BY Amy Jameson

Fabrics: Handcrafted and Sun Print by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics

Here’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the difference that color and arrangement can make. All the large, bright units are the same pieced medallion, but color choices make each one different. The rosettes surrounding the medallions are identical blocks, with the center rosettes in the inverse color arrangement of the outer rosettes.


NAVY: 7 yards

TURQUOISE: 1⅜ yards

YELLOW: ⅝ yard

ORANGE: ⅜ yard

RED: ½ yard

DARK RED: ⅜ yard


LAVENDER: ⅜ yard

GRAY: ¼ yard

DARK GRAY: ¼ yard

FUCHSIA: ⅝ yard

TEAL: ¼ yard

LIGHT BLUE: ⅜ yard

DARK BLUE: ⅜ yard

GREEN: ⅜ yard

WHITE: ⅜ yard

BORDERS: 1⅛ yards

BACKING: 3 yards of 108˝-wide backing

BINDING: ⅞ yard

BATTING: 94˝ × 106˝


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