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5 Commit to Your Prosperity Path

Ethan Willis Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Unless commitment is made, there are only promises
and hopes; but no plans

—Peter Drucker

So far, we have covered the following Prosperity Practices: Locate Your Polaris Point, Live in Your Prosperity Zone, Earn from Your Core, and Start with What You Already Have. We now want to help you pull it all together in a practice we call “Commit to Your Prosperity Path.”

Experience has shown us that you cannot make a meaningful commitment to your Prosperity Path unless you understand this new direction in your mind and heart. If you put in the work up front in accurately defining your plan, then you can commit with confidence, knowing that prosperity will be the successful outcome.

Let us tell you a story about how we learned an important lesson about committing to a plan.

When our company had reached about 10,000 coaching students, we decided to invest in a sophisticated customer management (CRM) system. It wasn’t cheap, but we wanted the best. We sat wide-eyed as the software demonstrator walked through all the wonderful bells and whistles this CRM system would give us. We were excited by the thought of all the ways we were going to be able to better serve our students by delivering even more personalized learning.

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16. Why It’s Dangerous to Teach Aligned Thinking to Kids

James Steffen Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

AS THE summer continued, Ray and Carol daily discovered more ways the MIN Secret and the Aligned Thinking tools helped them enjoy their ideal professional and personal lives. One day as they were celebrating the moment with iced tea by the pool, Ray said, I think its time we take up Woodys challenge to share the tools with the kids.

A worthwhile challenge, said Carol. We need some kind of opportunity. Something to motivate them. Got any ideas?

Ray and Carol had sipped their iced tea thoughtfully for a few moments when Jamie and Tammy appeared. From the looks on their faces, it was obvious they wanted something.

Tammy began. Its my turn to plan family night. We want one more family day before Jamie goes off to college in three weeks.

Then it was the college freshman-to-bes turn. You know how you always say we should take responsibility for being creative? So Tammy and I have researched the possibilities. Six Flags Great Adventure has a special: bring three, get the fourth free.

Ray nearly said no without thinking. The familys entertainment budget was already depleted for the summer. And with Jamie going to college, funds were tight. However, Ray caught Carols eye. This was the opportunity they were looking for.

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Appendix B: Guidelines—When to Kill the Project

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4. Healing

Ken Jennings Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

At noon on his first day home from the hospital, Alex heard his mother in friendly conversation on the front porch. A moment later she led Quinn through the front door by the arm. Alex realized instantly that if Quinn had once been his fathers friend, then he was likely his mothers friend too. But why have we never met before? Was I so distant from my parents life that I did not know a close friend like this?

How are you? Quinn asked as he strode into the den.

Okay, Alex said. Im glad to be home. Its still a challenge with Rachel. I deserve it.

Give it time, Quinn said. Did you do your homework?

I did. It was hard.

Alex picked up the notepad and tossed it to Quinn. He had scribed awkwardly with his left hand since his natural writing hand was covered in a cast. I started with the personal, then the company.

Alex was suddenly struggling for composure. Quinn, I want this to be a family, a real family, again.

Quinn followed Alexs gaze to a carefully arranged group of photos within sight of the bed. They were pieces of a family, each in its separate frame. Alex had pushed them together.

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Chapter Nine: How’s That Working for You?

Beverly Kaye Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

How’s that working for you? We’ve asked hundreds of managers that question over the past sixteen years. Many respond, “I’ve learned a lot … and used what I learned.”

Here are three success stories. Read each one, then answer this question: What did the boss do well in this stay interview? At the end of the chapter, check out our opinion about what these managers did well.

MANAGER: Thanks for meeting with me today. I know that times are tense right now. Ever since the layoff announcement, I’ve been concerned about you. I hope you know that I want you to stay.

YOUNG ENGINEER: Well, to be honest, I’ve updated my résumé and have gone on a couple of interviews. I think I’ll have a job offer by the end of the week. I know the younger engineers are the first ones to go during a reduction in force. I’m one of those people.

MANAGER: You have a great future here, and I’ll do everything I can to protect you during these downsizings. I need you here!

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