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7. Augmented Virtuality: Bringing the Material into the Virtual

Pine II, B. Joseph Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

For Valentine’s Day 2010, I (Joe) wanted to send cards to my two girls, Becca and Lizzie, who were both away at college. So I went down to the local Hallmark store to pick them out. I found a little section of Disney cards and came across one that highlighted the Disney princesses; I bought two cards to send to each of them.

The caption on the front of the card read, “You’re lovely like Aurora, you’re brave and kind like Belle, you’re Cinderella-sweet … you must be magical, as well!” And on the inside, it simply said, “Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Ever After.” But here was the kicker: the card offered a surprise: “Watch this card come to life on your computer!” it exclaimed, explaining that all you had to do was to go to www.hallmark.com/extra and follow its instructions.

I had to try it out before sending the cards off. After downloading and running a program particular to the card I purchased, my image came up on the computer screen via the webcam. I picked up the card and placed its front toward the camera—and up popped a three-dimensional animation right on top of the image of the card on the screen! Cinderella herself began singing “Every Girl Can Be a Princess” as a scene from her eponymous movie played. I could still see my own image behind the card, and as I moved it around, the scene changed perspective accordingly, so it could be watched front on or to the side, or even on top. (Turning it over or opening it up caused the program to lose the graphic image of the three princesses on the front, so the animation stopped, only to start over again when I placed the front of the card toward the cam again.) I eventually discovered that if I rotated the card far enough, the Cinderella scene was replaced by one starring Belle of Beauty and the Beast, and further still brought up Aurora, the star of Sleeping Beauty. I enjoyed seeing all it could do before signing and sending off the identical cards to the two girls.

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CHAPTER 2 Five Distinctive Qualities of Leadership

Kennedy, Debbe Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

“A leader must earnestly pursue the question, How can I improve my human qualities?

—Kazuo Inamori
Founder and chairman emeritus,
Kyocera Corporation, Japan

Being asked to fundamentally change the rules in how we think, act, and operate as leaders may seem to be a tall order for many of us. At the same time, there is something familiar about being called to change ourselves in order to lead the way. In times of both crisis and opportunity, leaders are often asked to reinvent themselves; to redirect their attention in some significant way in order for them to champion a transformation of some kind. This is one of those times we’re being called on to put our differences to work to forge a new path.

As I admit it, my mind again recalls another poignant time in history in my own leadership life when I was reminded that it is the role of leadership to pioneer new trails so others will feel safe to follow. The story may remind you of events in your own life and work.

In many respects, it was a time that seemed a lot like today’s environment. There was great upheaval and change in the world, a time clearly marked by the need for change and unprecedented new demands on leaders. Everything around us was outdated. Old notions of command and control no longer worked to our advantage and needed to be refocused. Much like this time, our thinking needed to be shifted in order to begin a new phase of growth:

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Butler, R.W. CABI PDF

Part 4

Resilience in Protected Natural Areas and Insular Locations


It is in natural areas and remote communities that the concept of resilience perhaps has the most direct relevance, given its origin in ecological systems. Many protected natural areas place the highest priority on maintaining the natural environment and associated processes either unimpaired or as near their ‘original’ state as possible. Ensuring the resilience of the natural systems to withstand the shocks of tourism visitation and related infrastructure is a major problem for the management of parks and similar areas, a problem that is often aggravated by political requirements for ever increasing visitor numbers and economic benefits obtained from national parks and other such units, often in the face of evidence of increasing impacts of visitor use. Cochrane explores this issue in the context of the management issues of protected areas, some of which are subjected to extremely high levels of use and inevitably experience problems of impact, resulting in loss or reduction in habitat and biodiversity, thus threatening the very attributes which make them attractive to tourism as well as the basis for their protection. In this context tourism is a double-edged sword, providing a further rationale for protection but also being a major potential threat, and is discussed in the context of national parks in the

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Activity 40: Using Time

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Chapter 14 Listening to Leaders

Weisbord, Marvin Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

From the earliest days of Future Search, we have gotten the most guidance in refining this method from our clients. They have trusted us over the decades with their business dilemmas, concerns, preferences, experiences, enthusiasms, reactions, and reflections. For this edition we invited leaders with significant FS experience to speak candidly about what they have done. Our panelists are 14 men and women of diverse backgrounds and nationalities in business, government, and global NGOs. They affirm that this work, while simple, is not easy. Their achievements in sustaining action inspire us to keep on keeping on.

Kevin Brady is assistant chief executive of Salford City Council in Salford, England, which sponsored a citywide Future Search.

Rolf Carriere was a UN development officer for three decades before retiring to promote unarmed peacekeeping around the world. As a UNICEF country representative, he sponsored Future Searches in Bangladesh and Indonesia that rippled across South Asia.

Barry Childs, founder of Africa Bridge in Tanzania, a grass-roots NGO set up to combat HIV-AIDS and poverty, has sponsored three Future Searches in rural Africa.

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