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5. The Best Regional Tours

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On Oahu, don’t just stay in Waikiki—get out and see the island. Drive up through the center of Oahu to the famous North Shore. If you can afford the splurge, rent a bright, shiny convertible—the perfect car for Oahu, so you can tan as you go. Majestic sandalwood trees once stood in the central plains; the Hawaiian chiefs ordered them cut down, and now the area is covered with tract homes, malls, and factory outlets. Beyond the plains is the North Shore and Hawaii’s surf city: Haleiwa, a quaint turn-of-the-20th-century sugar-plantation town that has been designated a historic site. A collection of faded clapboard stores with a picturesque harbor, Haleiwa has evolved into a surfer outpost and major roadside attraction with art galleries, restaurants, and shops that sell hand-decorated clothing, jewelry, and sports gear. START: Waikiki. Trip Length: 95 miles (153km).

Take H-1 West to H-2 North, which becomes Hwy. 99. Turn left on Kunia Rd., then right on Lyman Rd. (through the gate), right on Flagler Rd., and left on Waianae Ave. Museum is in Bldg. 361. Bus: 42, transfer to 52, then transfer to 72.

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The Darién Province

The Darién Province, a remote, sparsely populated expanse of tropical rainforest and swampland along Panama’s eastern boundary with Colombia, is considered Central America’s last grand, untamed wilderness. Home to nearly .8 million hectares (2 million acres) of protected land, the Darién includes La Reserva Natural Privada Punta Patiño and the Parque Nacional del Darién, Panama’s largest protected area and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This entire wilderness is commonly called the “Darién Gap,” which refers to the roadless swath of forest that is the “missing link” in the Pan American Highway from Alaska to Chile. Colombia would like to extend the road, but Panamanians fear widespread environmental destruction and an increase in drug trafficking. For now at least, a road seems unlikely.

Given the Darién’s inaccessibility, there are few places a traveler can actually visit within the boundaries of the province. The national park measures a staggering 860,000 hectares (2.1 million acres), yet only the Pirre and Cana stations offer trails and basic services. On the southern coast at Piñas Bay is the famous Tropic Star Lodge, and there are trails and dugout canoe trips on rivers around Punta Patiño.

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The haunting Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, in Berlin.

One of Europe’s largest, most populous, and wealthiest nations, Germany delivers memorable experiences for every taste, interest, and budget. By all means, do take in the blockbuster sights—Neuschwanstein Castle, Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, and the Romantic Road among them. But don’t forget to slow down and savor life’s little pleasures: a slice of Black Forest cake on the cobbled market square, a scenic drive among wildflower-strewn hills, a crisp Riesling in a candle-lit wine tavern, or a restorative dip in a hot mineral spring.

As you travel around Germany, you’ll discover that the past is present wherever you go, from 2000-year-old Roman ruins to grand medieval cathedrals to baroque royal palaces to “ostalgic” relics of the former East Germany. Knowing the history and culture that produced these sights is bound to deepen your appreciation for them. Therefore, the next pages provide you with a crash course in German history, art, architecture, literature, and music, along with other tips to help you get the most out of your trip to this fascinating country.

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The Bahamas

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     Includes »

     New Providence


     Grand Bahama

     Freeport Lucaya

     Out Islands


     Elbow Cay

     Green Turtle Cay

     Great Guana Cay

     Man O’ War Cay




     Survival Guide

Scattered like dabs of silver and green paint on an artist’s palette, the Bahamas are ready-made for exploration. Just ask Christopher Columbus – he bumped against these limestone landscapes in 1492 and changed the course of history. But the adventure didn’t end with the Niña , the Pinta and the Santa Maria . From pirates and blockade dodgers to rum smugglers, wily go-getters have converged and caroused on the country’s 700 islands and 2400 cays for centuries.

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Rhine Valley

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The West

 Cologne

 Aachen

 Ruhr Region

 Düsseldorf

 Sauerland

 Bonn

 Eifel

 Trier

 Moselle Valley

 Koblenz

 Rhine Valley

 Frankfurt am Main

 Wiesbaden

 Mainz

 Mannheim

 Heidelberg

 Pfalz

 Speyer

 Saar­brücken

The West

Germany’s western regions deliver a cornucopia of diverse and awe-inspiring sightseeing opportunities. Soak up cosmopolitan flair and stunning art and architecture in cities such as Düsseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt or escape to historic villages in the hilly Sauerland or the gentle Eifel. Follow the mighty Rhine or the meandering Moselle rivers past a fairytale setting of medieval castles, steep vineyards and little towns that are veritable symphonies in half-timber. Walk in the footsteps of the Romans in Trier, check out Charlemagne’s legacy in Aachen and see for yourself the beauty of Heidelberg, which has inspired so many great poets and artists.

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