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Washington, D.C., in Context

Everybody knows at least a little something about Washington, D.C. It’s the nation’s capital, after all; what goes on here on a daily basis is top-of-the-news stuff. Images of the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Potomac River, the National Mall, the White House, and Pennsylvania Avenue immediately spring to mind at the mere mention of this city’s name.

There are so many other images I’d like to introduce to you: cherry blossoms, Black Broadway, the Phillips Collection, Nationals Park, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Embassy Row, Eastern Market, and Rock Creek Park, to name just a few; a fraction of the rich history and diverse cultural experiences this city has to offer.

That’s what this book is about. This chapter, specifically, aims to provide you with a context for understanding Washington, D.C.’s story and personality beyond the headlines, as well as practical information that will be useful to you while planning your trip and upon your arrival.

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A visit to Boston requires as much or as little forethought as you want, taking into account one important general rule: The later you plan, the more you’ll pay.


By Plane

The main gateway to New England is Logan International Airport (BOS; 800/23-LOGAN [235-6426]; www.flylogan.com), which is across the harbor from downtown, at the East Boston end of the Sumner, Callahan, and Ted Williams tunnels.

The airport has four terminals—A, B, C, and E (there’s no D). Each has ATMs, free Wi-Fi, rocking chairs, and an information booth (near baggage claim). Terminals A, B, and E have bank branches that handle currency exchange. Terminals A and C have children’s play spaces (they’re after security).

Boston is an increasingly popular direct destination for international travelers, but many itineraries go through another American or European city. International routes and schedules change constantly; double-check details (especially if you’re traveling in the winter) well in advance.

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Suggested China Itineraries

Traveling independently in China looks a lot more straightforward than it did a decade ago, thanks to rapid advances in the transportation system. High-speed rail has given visitors an alternative to the already extensive airport network, and within major cities, new subway routes are being tunneled all the time. In theory, getting around has never been easier. The truth is a bit less rosy. There are now many more people on the move than there were even a few years back, and it shows. Hailing cabs is much harder than it ever was, and the subway can be an almighty squeeze. Advance planning on when and how to travel will pay steep dividends on the ground. Likewise, visiting sights at the right time is critical if you want to avoid delays and frustration.

This book is structured around a trinity of cities: Beijing and its cornucopia of imperial sights, Xi’an’s ancient treasures, and the bustling contrasts of Shanghai and the surrounding water towns. All of the destinations mentioned are served by tour companies (p. 279), but you can also make arrangements yourself thanks to improvements in booking. Flights are now nearly all ticketless, and train tickets can be bought online up to 60 days in advance (p. 284).

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Kathleen O'Donnell Hunter Publishing ePub

For the shop-till-you-drop crowd, Trinidad will probably be disappointing, but with a little luck you may find something interesting. Here a few recommendations to get you started. 


T obago is small, but geographically diverse. No doubt, you'll find an area that is especially appealing to you. Oval-shaped and just 26 miles long by nine miles wide, Tobago runs from Crown Point in the southwest to Charlotteville in the northeast on the Caribbean side. On the Atlantic side it runs from Scarborough in the southwest to Speyside in the northeast. Most of the island's development is on the western end. Down the middle of the island there's a mountain ridge with the hemisphere's oldest forest preserve and very little settlement. 

Although recently expanded, Crown Point Airport is still wonderfully small and easy to manage. On leaving the terminal you'll probably be besieged by taxi drivers. Apparently, there's no queue system and it can be chaotic. Pick one of them, actively ignore the others, and they'll drift off. They're not aggressive, but the crush can be annoying after a long flight. 

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The Best of Milan and the Lakes

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Ruled by the Caesars, Napoleon and Mussolini, Milan’s strategic position has made for a fascinating history. Mercantile Milan invented the idea of the city-state, and the Edict of Milan (AD 313) ended the persecution of the Christians. From Roman origins to Republican ambitions and industrial pretensions, this walk takes you through Milan’s most tumultuous events.

Start Piazza del Duomo; metro Duomo

Finish Piazza Sempione; metro Moscova

Length 3.2km; 1½ hours

Liberty-style Bar Magenta ( MAP GOOGLE MAP ; %02 805 38 08; http://barmagenta.jimdo.com; Via Giosué Carducci 13; h8am-7.30pm Mon-Wed & Sun, to 10.30pm Thu, to 2am Fri & Sat; mCadorna) on Corso Magenta is a good mid-point stop for a coffee or a snack. Alternatively, plan to finish with a picnic in Parco Sempione or aperitivo at Bar Bianco ( MAP GOOGLE MAP ; %02 8699 2026; www.bar-bianco.com; Parco Sempione; h10-1am Mon-Thu & Sun, to 2am Fri & Sat May-Sep, 10am-6pm Oct-Apr; W; mLanza).

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