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The Best of Las Vegas

The flamboyant showman Liberace once said, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!” He may very well have been talking about Las Vegas, a city in which he was a frequent headliner and one that has built its reputation on the concept of excess.

There’s too much to look at, too much to do, too much to eat, too much to drink, and certainly too many ways to lose your money. Indulgence is the level at which most people start their visit, and why not? You can run out of room on your memory card trying to snap pictures of all the postcard-worthy sights, from dancing fountains to blasting volcanoes; the hotels are so big that getting from your room to the front door requires rest periods; the dining scene has turned this town into a culinary destination; and the nightclubs have elevated Sin City to the biggest, most successful party spot in the world. And all of that is before you get to the shows, the shopping, and the sheer madness of glittering casinos. Look at the faces of those waiting for their flights out of town: tired, maybe a little hung over still, but then there’s that little smile when they think about one of those “what happens in Vegas . . .” moments they just had. When it comes to Las Vegas, Liberace may have had a point.

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French Alps

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Stretching from the Mediterranean to Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), the French Alps display all the varieties of mountain scenery, from the tranquility of bare rock and eternal snow to the animation of densely settled valleys. Here, human habitat show close adaptation to natural conditions. Centuries of endurance and ingenuity have overcome formidable obstacles and brought all possible resources into play, not only settling valley floors, but pushing grazing and cultivation to its highest limits and developing widely varied local traditions of living and building.


1 Sea of ice above Chamonix: Mer de Glace

2 High road through the Alps: Route des Grandes Alpes

3 Spectacular view of Grenoble from Fort de la Bastille

4 Natural fortress: Massif du Vercors

5 Europe’s most spectacular gorge: Grand Canyon du Verdon

Geography – The north of the French Alps is marked by the great sweep of Lac Léman. To the south rise the Alps of Savoy, first the Chablais and Faucigny country and beyond that the famous peaks and glaciers around Mont Blanc. Westward lie other graceful stretches of water, Lake Annecy and Le Bourget Lake. An important communication route is formed by the Sub-Alpine Furrow, a broad and prosperous valley in which Grenoble sits, and the western rampart of the Alps is formed by a succession of massifs including the Vercors. Briançon is close to the Italian border and further south still the scene is often one of striking severity, bare rock rising from vegetation of Mediterranean character.

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Lake Chelan aa

Hwy. 97, 103mi north of Ellensburg. t 509-682-3503. www.lakechelan.com.

This narrow, 50mi-long lake is a recreational haven at its southern end, anchored by the tiny town of Chelan. At its northern end, wilderness terminates at the deeply forested community of Stehekin, a backpackers’ launch pad into the rugged North Cascades National Forest. The Lady of the Lake passenger ferry and float planes carry travelers between the two points. In and near Chelan are pleasant beaches, including Lake Chelan State Park, with 6,000ft of shoreline. Slidewaters waterpark, in Chelan, offers another water-play option.

Dry Fallsa

On Rte. 17, 17mi north of Soap Lake. www.parks.wa.gov. Open summer daily 6:30am–dusk. Winter 8am–dusk.

Few places offer as raw and memorable a look at geological forces as Dry Falls. The “falls” are a bowl-shaped 400ft chasm, 3.5mi wide, carved into volcanic bedrock in the Columbia Basin desert. Thousands of years ago, catastrophic Ice Age floods surged through here as prehistoric Lake Missoula in Montana periodically broke though its ice dam and sent billions of gallons of water west to the Pacific, carving the Columbia Basin landscape.

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Pedestrians scope out Midtown Manhattan on busy 42nd Street.

Before You Go

The Best Times to Go

July and August are hot and humid, but because the local population tries to escape, the city is far less crowded. There are plenty of free alfresco events, too. December brings crowds and the highest hotel rates; January and February are the cheapest months to visit, by far, but very chilly. Ideal time? There’s nothing like New York in late spring or fall when the weather is mild.

Festivals & Special Events

winter   From a week or two before Thanksgiving through New Year’s, the city puts on its Christmas decorations, highlighted by the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and displays at various department stores. On New Year’s Eve, the most famous party of them all takes place in Times Square (www.timessquarenyc.org). During Chinese New Year (last week in January), Chinatown comes alive with parades and special celebrations (www.explorechinatown.com).

Spring The Pier Antiques Show, the city’s largest antiques show, takes place in March (www.pierantiquesshow.com) as does, of course, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (http://nycstpatricksparade.org) on the 17th. The Easter Parade—not a traditional parade, but a flamboyant fashion display along Fifth Avenue from 48th to 57th streets—is on Easter Sunday.

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Northern Belize

With few exceptions, Northern Belize is overlooked by most tourists who fly into the country and head quickly to the cayes, the Cayo District, the southern beaches, or the Mayan Mountains. Even those who enter by land from Mexico frequently make a beeline to Belize City and bypass this region. Still, northern Belize has its charms, not least of which is its undiscovered and undeveloped feel. It’s here that you’ll find some of the country’s larger biological reserves, including the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, the Shipstern Nature Reserve, and the Río Bravo Conservation Area. With more than 430 species of birds and 250 species of orchids, this region should be especially attractive to naturalists.

The region was also an important and strategic part of the Mayan Empire, and ancient ruins abound. Most notably, it is here that you will find the Altun Ha and Lamanai ruins, two of the country’s most popular and important Mayan sites. Lesser sites such as Cuello, Cerros, Santa Rita, and Noh Mul are also possible stops for true aficionados. Finally, northern Belize is home to three unique and isolated lodges: Belize Boutique Resort and Spa, Chan Chich Lodge, and Lamanai Outpost Lodge, all of which are described in detail in this chapter.

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Port Angeles

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Point Defiance Park a

5400 N. Pearl St., Tacoma. t 253-305-1000. www.metroparkstacoma.org. Open daily half hour before dawn–half hour after dusk.

At 702 acres, Point Defiance Park is one of the largest city parks in the nation. It has plenty of places to enjoy the out-of-doors, whether hiking through the park’s dense stands of old-growth Douglas-fir forest; watching bald eagles dive for salmon in the tidal rapids below 250ft cliffs; beachcombing at Owen’s Beach or strolling through the rose, dahlia or Japanese gardens. The Point Defiance Zoo and Aquariuma sits near the park’s entrance, and the Fort Nisqually Living History Museumaa is located on a 5mi forested loop drive that offers viewing opportunities of raccoons as they scamper along the road shoulder, and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and waterway. Outside the park’s entrance is a Washington State Ferries dock for ferries bound for nearby, rural Vashon Island.

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Around Naples

When you’ve come to grips with Naples, and realized that for all its grime and noise the city is a pretty grand and fascinating place, you might be ready to venture into its similarly atmospheric surroundings. It’s easy to do so, on trains that whisk you west and east along the bay. To the west are the weird volcanic landscapes and evocative ancient ruins of the Campi Flegrei, the Phlegraean Fields. To the east are two of the world’s most famous and well-preserved ancient cities, Herculaneum and Pompeii, and the volcano that doomed them, Vesuvius. You can visit any of these fabled places easily on a day trip and be back in Naples in time for a passeggiata and dinner.

The Campi Flegrei (Phlegraean Fields)

On this seaside peninsula just west of Naples, volcanic vents steam and hiss (the name Phlegraean Fields is from the Greek, “Burning Fields”), and ruined villas testify to ancient hedonism. Whatever drama natural phenomena and mere mortals fail to provide, mythic characters and oracles seem to spring to life and pick up the slack. Our alphabet was invented here, when the Latin language officially adopted the characters used for written communication in Cuma. Nero murdered his mother, the ambitious and villainous Agrippina, outside Baiae, the Palm Beach of the ancient world, where Caesar relaxed and Hadrian breathed his last. Moonlike landscapes are interspersed with lush hillsides carpeted with olive groves and orange and lemon orchards, adding an eerie beauty to the mix.

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Must Eat

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Traditional cuisine in Italy follows the seasons. Peruse the markets to see what is fresh and local. House wines are not always reliable; most owners will be glad to offer a taste, then let you choose a bottle if you prefer. Chic hotels can be a good source of creative cuisine.


We’ve selected a few restaurants from the Michelin red guide. Look for red entries in the listings:
y – Best-value

– Michelin-starred

– Charming

Prices and hours

Restaurant opening times vary from region to region (in the centre and south of Italy they tend to open and close later). Generally lunch is from 12.30pm to 2.30pm and dinner from 7.30pm to 11pm. Service is usually included, but tip if you like (a few euros at most, unless the establishment is elite). Restaurants where service is not included are marked; an appropriate percentage for a tip is suggested after the meal’s price. By law, the bread and the cover charge should be included, but in some trattorie and especially in pizzerie they are calculated separately.

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Literature, Cinema and Television

Literature and cinema are among the most important keys to understanding Korea today. Korean cinema has become particularly popular, winning a number of major awards overseas. Original and profound, yet sometimes wacky or disconcerting, many films draw a great deal of inspiration from the literature that questions the war between North and South, the years spent under dictatorship and the country’s rapid economic growth. Korean television series are less concerned with this critical dimension, but they have attracted record audiences in Asia since the early 2000s.

Mokpo Museum of Literature, Jeolla-do



For centuries Korean literature lacked its own alphabet and borrowed Chinese characters for its different writing systems—a classical system used by literary scholars for official documents, and a popular system for the vernacular. Only fragments of these texts remain, most having been lost as a result of censorship, rewriting and the ravages of war.

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Mount Rainier NP

Michelin Michelin ePub

80mi northeast of Medford on Rte. 62. Open daily year-round. $10/vehicle. t 541-594-3000. www.nps.gov/crla. Steel Visitor Center open late Apr–early Nov daily 9am–5pm; rest of the year daily 10am–4pm; closed Dec 25. Rim Visitor Center open late May–late Sept 9:30am–5pm.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake (elevation 1,932ft) is the world's deepest volcanic lake. The sapphire-blue lake rests in the basin of a collapsed volcano, surrounded by steep-walled cliffs. Wizard Island, a volcanic cinder cone, rises at its west end.

Ringed by mountains tinged with snow much of the year, the 6mi diameter lake attracts hikers and sightseers from around the world. The lake—so renowned for its clarity that its water has set new standards for water purity—was formed when the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Mazama 7,700 years ago created a bowl-shaped caldera that filled with snowmelt.

One of the most scenic drives in the world, 33mi loop Crater Rim Driveaaa has more than 20 overlooks, but there are ample other attractions here as well, including hikes through mid-elevation pine forests, and the famed boat touraa to Wizard Island.

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Lombardy and The Lakes

Michelin Michelin ePub

Milan prides itself on its knack for innovation. The design capital of Italy is the financial and marketing base for mega-brands such as Gucci, Versace and Giorgio Armani. Determined that luxury goods have a market even during an economic downturn, Milan has numerous urban renewal projects in progress awarded to high-profile international architects. MiCo (Milano Congress) is its recent 18 000-seat convention centre, the largest trade show space in Europe (www.micmilano.it).

Sustainability projects include the reclamation of an Alfa Romeo industrial area for an urban park. Expansion and renovation of Teatro alla Scala completed in 2004.

The European Library of Information and Culture, (www.beic.it) designed by Peter Wilson, is projected to open June 2013, transforming the area around the abandoned Porta Vittoria station. Italy’s second largest industry is food, which will also be the central theme in 2015 when Milan hosts the Universal Exposition (Expo), “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

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Day Trips from Québec City

Forests, mountains, waterfalls, and other natural treasures surround Québec City and can be reached in less than a few hours’ drive—it’s easy to spend a whole day, or weekend, if you wish. Bucolic Île d’Orléans, over a bridge just outside the city, is an unspoiled mini-oasis with farms, orchards, maple groves, and 18th- and 19th-century houses. The waterfalls of Montmorency make for dazzling fun, especially in the spring, when winter thaws make them thunder. Le Massif is a top destination for downhill sports enthusiasts, especially after a fresh snowfall.

You can easily combine the second Day Trip, to Montmorency Falls, with the first or third Day Trips to Île d’Orléans or Le Massif. The waterfalls are along the highway just across from Île d’Orléans and on the way north to Le Massif.

Touring Québec’s Breadbasket: Île d’Orléans

16km (10 miles) NE of Québec City

Isolated from the mainland until 1935, the only way to get to the scenic, rolling hills of this little island in eyesight from the city used to by boat (in summer) or over the ice in sleighs (in winter). The highway bridge built that year has allowed the island’s fertile fields to become Québec City’s primary market garden. During harvest periods, fruits and vegetables are picked fresh on the farms and trucked in daily. The island produces artisanal cheeses, ciders (both alcoholic and non), wines, and microbrews, and proudly promotes agritourism for visitors. In warmer months, visitors go for the day or for extended sojourns.

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9: Pilgrimage Walking as Green Prescription Self-therapy?

McIntosh, I.S.; Harman, L.D. CABI PDF


Pilgrimage Walking as Green

Prescription Self-therapy?

Nanna Natalia Karpinska Dam Jørgensen*

Volda University College, Volda, Norway


Pilgrimage walking has potential as therapy on

‘green prescription’ – meaning rehabilitation with salutary outdoor activities – to relieve minor mental and physical ailments. It may also reduce reliance on expensive therapies and medications that often have unpleasant side effects. In this chapter I argue how pilgrimage walking – if prescribed as an outdoor therapy alongside/

­ instead of medicines – could reduce Norway’s hospitalizations, medication use, health queues and spending, and also help people obtain relief by using their own personal health assets. To support this view, the chapter shows how present-day pilgrimages, like walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela1 can be used as a self-therapeutic tool. According to cross-cultural pilgrim reports, people walk the Camino for religious, spiritual, personal and relational reasons. They seek exis­ tential meaning, silence or company, to process and restore themselves after various life ordeals.

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16 Favorite Moments

Reid Bramblett FrommerMedia ePub

Getting a true feeling for all that is Philadelphia means being willing to embrace extremes. One minute you’re immersed in American history, the next you’re elbow-to-elbow in a crowd of modern-day foodies. You’ll be able to embrace nature at the country’s largest city park, glimpse the city’s unique brand of chic at Rittenhouse Square, see cutting-edge art in Old City—and, of course, have your fill of that one particular sandwich which many Philadelphians think is as important as Benjamin Franklin (well, almost).


Visit the Liberty Bell. The cracked bell that no longer tolls seems to top every tourist’s to-do list. Go see it early, but also walk by it again after dusk, when its bronze cast seems to glow inside its modern glass-and-steel house. Go to page.

Run like Rocky up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. When you get to the top, turn around, pump your fists in the air, and belt out a few bars of “Gonna Fly Now” (or just play it in your head). Then, get your photo taken with the boxer’s statue at the foot of the steps. Go to page.

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Martha Cheng FrommerMedia ePub

Hawaiian beach.

There’s no place on earth quite like this handful of sun-drenched Pacific islands. Here you’ll find palm-fringed blue lagoons, lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, soaring summits (some capped with snow), a live volcano, and beaches of every hue: gold, red, black, and even green. Roadside stands offer fruits and flowers for pocket change, and award-winning chefs deliver unforgettable feasts. Each of the six main islands possesses its own unique mix of natural and cultural treasures—and the possibilities for adventure, indulgence, and relaxation are endless.

The best Beaches

Lanikai Beach (O‘ahu): Too gorgeous to be real, this stretch along the Windward Coast is one of Hawai‘i’s postcard-perfect beaches—a mile of golden sand as soft as powdered sugar bordering translucent turquoise waters. The waters are calm year-round and excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. Two tiny offshore islands complete the picture, functioning both as scenic backdrops and bird sanctuaries. See p. 106.

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