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Around Perth

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Although Western Australia (WA) is huge, you don't have to travel too far from Perth to treat yourself to a tantalising taste of what the state has to offer. A day trip could see you frolicking with wild dolphins, snorkelling with sea lions, scooping up brilliant-blue crabs or spotting bilbies in the bush. Active types can find themselves canoeing, rafting, surfing, windsurfing, sandboarding, diving, skydiving and mountain biking.

Get up early to experience the Pinnacles in Nambung National Park at dawn, and return at dusk for a spectacular end to the day. Explore historic towns classified by the National Trust, or experience the monastic ambience of fascinating New Norcia.

We've designed this chapter so that the main headings can be tackled as day trips, or better still, overnighters. If you're embarking on a longer trip, whether north, south or east, you'll find your first stop within these pages.

AMar Good beach weather and a fine time to spot thrombolites in Lake Clifton.

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6 Decolonizing Gender Performativity: A Thesis for Emancipation in Early Chicana Feminist Thought (1969–1979)

ARTURO J ALDAMA Indiana University Press ePub


In the early twenty-first century, our visual field is still gendered by colonial/racial dynamics. Many of the first Chicana feminist writers foregrounded an analysis of colonization in their evaluation of the struggles of contemporary US women of color, directly connecting the 1960s uprisings in the United States to those in the Caribbean, South America, Africa, China, and more. Pathbreaking documents written by Chicana feminists in the 1970s that grappled with intersectional injustices and the challenge of exposing the stifling role of racialized gender dynamics illuminated a consistent connection between colonialism and contemporary struggles.1

Bernice Rincón’s 1971 piece titled “La Chicana: Her Role in the Past and Her Search for a New Role in the Future” encapsulated the sentiment of a generation caught between revolutionary action, on the one hand, and culturally sedimented expectations of being “women,” on the other. Rincón wrote,

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4 Reframing from Tension to Laughter

Peterson, Rick; Hoekstra, Judd Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.


All other things being equal, a performer who is tense loses to a performer who is relaxed. We all know we need to relax under pressure, but we don’t know how. In fact, when we’re told to relax and have fun, this often frustrates us and makes us even tenser. Why? Because we don’t know how to relax when we’re under pressure.

Let me offer up a solution. In your tensest moments, actively seek opportunities to laugh. There is something about laughter that makes threats less daunting and opportunities more visible.

In this chapter, Rick and I will coach you on how to use humor as the best antidote to tension. I will also share a number of examples of Rick and others using humor to relieve tension and move forward in difficult situations. Humor is more than a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have. Not just because it’s fun, but because it works.

Andrew Tarvin is the chief humorist at the company he founded, Humor That Works. He is not what pops into my head when I think of a humorist. For one, he is not a comedian. He graduated with a degree in computer science and engineering from The Ohio State University. Before founding Humor That Works, Andrew worked as a successful international information technology (IT) project manager at Procter & Gamble. He said, “As an engineer, I find what works, I do it, and then I teach it to other people. It turns out humor works.”1 But how does it work?

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2. Because It’s Fun! by Terry Lowe

Amy Walker New World Library ePub

Terry Lowe

Ahead of me is a long, swooping downhill with no stop sign at the bottom. I climbed this ridge to enjoy the view overlooking the city, with the harbor bridge below and the North Shore mountains looming nearby. This is my city — Vancouver, Canada — and, as the sticker on my bike says, I ride everywhere. And every day.

There is nothing like riding a bike. It’s not all sweat, strain, and endurance, as some riders would have you believe. It’s more the happy awareness of a small, lightweight machine carrying you easily through the streets, the movement of your body, the air on your face, and the world in all its shapes, colors, and flavors.

A light push of the foot sets me off. As my speed increases, I feel like I’m flying. A big, happy grin lights up my face. For adults, riding a bike is one way to recover the sense of play that little children enjoy. That’s the reason we cyclists smile at each other when passing on the bike routes.

Some people guiltily reason that they “should” ride a bike because: (1) it’s green, and they will therefore reduce their carbon footprint; (2) it’s good for them, and they will thus improve their overall health and fitness; and (3) by doing so, they will enjoy the substantial financial savings associated with not owning a car. Those things are all true, of course, but to me they’re side effects. The best reason to ride a bike around town is that it’s fun.

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2 Ball Team Game Formats

Alan Hyde M-Y Books Ltd ePub



Can be played within individual 4 balls or within 4 ball tournaments

1.     Betterball Matchplay lowest score of 1 team is compared to the lowest score of the other team in the Four ball flight, the lowest score per hole wins the hole and scores 1 point for the winning team, holes halved scores point per team. The team with the most points wins. Handicaps may be used, the player with the lowest handicap of the 4 players plays off scratch the others play off their handicap minus the lowest handicap to give them the number of shots allowed. In this case the lowest nett score wins the hole.

2.     Scratch Stroke Play all players play off scratch, each team adds the total no of strokes taken by both Players in the team. The team with the lowest number of strokes taken wins.

3.     Scratch Stableford as above but using their gross score per hole to calculate their Stableford score per hole, the team with the most Stableford points wins.

4.     Betterball Stableford as above but each player uses their Handicap allowance and their nett strokes to calculate their Stableford score per hole. The team with the most Stableford points wins.

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Chapter 15

Bean, Leon Leonwood Down East Books ePub

Chapter 15

How to Use a Compass

There is no excuse for getting lost if you carry a good compass and know how to use it.

Camping places are invariably located on trail, tote road, stream, lake, telephone wire, etc. We will say that your camp is on a good sized stream or well defined road running North and South. You cross the stream or road and hunt to the East for several hours. When you want to go to camp all you need to do is travel West. Hold compass so needle arrow points to “N” then pick out some object in a due West direction and go to it. Keep repeating this and you are sure to hit your road but it may be a mile or more below or above your camp. You are out of the woods anyway and if you have been over the road a few times you will soon see landmarks that will tell you which way to go.

L.L. Bean felt the dials of most compasses were too “cluttered up with figures, lines, and ornaments.” So he created this plain dial for ease of use “even on a very dark day.”

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7 Too Much Is Not Enough

Mike Roos Quarry Books ePub

As the August twilight faded over the roof of the whitewashed barn, Maurice Keusch dribbled with his back to the homemade basket, nailed to the barn boards. His brother Dennis, nicknamed Red, guarded him closely, blanketing his every movement with the special ferocity they reserved for these intense personal games of one-on-one. In an effort to break free, Maurice faked sharply to his right, then spun left to go up for a quick jumper, but Red, the skilled defenseman, recovered quickly and leaped up with his left arm extended, forcing the shot to go much higher than Maurice intended. Red then pivoted and planted his right foot firmly atop Maurice’s and successfully pinned him to the bare hard clay that served as their basketball court. When the ball hit the front of the rim and sprung harmlessly away, Red was in ready position for the defensive rebound.

“Hey! Watch the foot!” Maurice cried, looking around for an imaginary official. “He fouled me, ref!”

“Ref didn’t see it!” Red grinned as he dribbled out to the fifteen-foot range to begin his own offensive possession.

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Townsville to Mission Beach

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

Townsville to Mission Beach

In between the tourist magnets of Cairns and Airlie Beach, Townsville is a ‘real’ city with a pulse. Although North Queensland’s largest urban centre is often bypassed by visitors, it has a surprising number of attractions: a palm-lined beachfront promenade, gracious 19th-century architecture and a host of cultural and sporting venues and events. Magnetic Island’s national park, beaches, walking trails and wildlife are a quick ferry ride away.

North of Townsville, the Great Green Way wends past small sugar towns including Ingham, Cardwell, Tully and Innisfail; a stop offers the chance to experience true far northern country hospitality. Mission Beach, about half an hour east of Tully, is a laid-back village that ironically attracts thrillseekers by the busload, all keen on the region’s skydiving, white-water rafting and water sports. Forested Hinchinbrook Island and the lovely Dunk Island are top choices for the less adrenaline-addled.

May Celebrate all things wet and wonderful at Tully’s Golden Gumboot Festival.

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Belize District

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

What a contrast is the district that shares its country's name! Belize District comprises 1600 sq miles at the heart of the country, and includes its largest population center and some of its most pristine tropical bush.

Belize City gets a bad rap for its impoverished areas, some of which are plagued by crime and violence. But the seaside city also embodies the country's amazing cultural diversity, its neighborhoods packed with people, restaurants and shops that represent every ethnicity.

A few miles out of the city center, the gritty Caribbean urbanism crumbles, revealing a landscape of vast savannah that stretches to the north, dense tropical forest to the west, and lush marshland to the south. There is plenty to see and do in Belize District – so much that a weeklong visitor could spend their entire vacation here, sampling the country's Maya heritage, Creole culture and luxuriant wildlife, all within an hour's drive of the city.

AMar Baron Bliss Day and Ruta Maya canoe race are both accompanied by colorful parties.

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The Oxford Hills

Pinkham, Steve Down East Books ePub

Abbot Pond and Black Mountain

These pretty hills, spanning all of southern Oxford County and some of neighboring Androscoggin County, vary from small, friendly hills to larger mountains with bold cliffs and deep notches. They lie north of the Saco River, south and west of the Androscoggin River, and east of Evans Notch, and include the eastern end of the White Mountains, an area mostly protected by the White Mountain National Forest. The highest mountain of this region is East Royce Mountain at 3,114 feet, sitting on the New Hampshire state line and the only 3,000-foot mountain in Maine south of the Androscoggin River.

Oxford County, for which the hills were named, was formed in 1805, being set off from Cumberland and York Counties. It was named for Oxford, Massachusetts, because one of the first settlers of this new county was David Leonard, who hailed from that town in Maine’s mother state.

This area of Maine is rich in minerals and gems and has produced some of the world’s largest gemstones. For more than a century, it has been an area in which children have spent their summers at its many summer camps. Through the years, several bottling companies have sold millions of gallons of spring water from the natural springs that flow from these mountains.

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10 Your Blood, Your Sweat, Your Tears

Mike Roos Quarry Books ePub

As the summer of ’62 neared its end and Pete Gill found himself greeted ever more commonly with rank skepticism among Ireland townfolk, a natural tendency toward paranoia began gnawing at his mental health. Jim Roos was doing all he could to plant the seeds of optimism around the village, but there remained intense pockets of resistance. As Pete well knew, the most intense such pocket was located inside Tommy Schitter’s grocery and butcher shop only a few blocks from the high school. The fact that Tommy’s son Pat was regarded by many, including Jim Roos, as one of the best basketball prospects among an inexperienced but promising sophomore class only added to Pete’s mental disturbance. Irrationally, he concluded that the best solution would be to see to it that Pat did not make the team. Roy Allen, with whom Pete had otherwise quickly achieved a harmonious rapport, did not agree.

“You’ll be cutting off your nose to spite your face, Pete,” Roy said the day before fall classes were to begin. They were huddled together behind the locked door of the coach’s office in the gymnasium, amidst a cloud of cigarette smoke.

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Chapter 17

Bean, Leon Leonwood Down East Books ePub

Chapter 17

How to Fish for Salmon, Trout and Togue

Of all the fresh water game fishing, Salmon is my favorite. They hit hard, jump high and fight every inch of that way to the net.

Fishing party with Salmon and Trout caught at Moosehead Lake 1939. Over half of these fish were taken on Live Bait Fly as described in this chapter. Left to Dr. A.L. Gould, Willis Libby, Levi Patterson, and L.L. Bean.

During the first month after the ice goes out in the Spring I find trolling with bait the most successful. I use a sewed-on Smelt on one rod and Night Crawlers on the other. I recommend a 7 1/2 ounce 9 1/2 ft. Trolling Rod, level winding 100 yard Reel, 25 lb. test Nylon Line with markings at 50, 75 and 100 ft., a 15" Leader, two Swivels and a 12" Snelled 2/0 Hook. Row slowly and run from 50 to 100 feet of Line until you land your first fish. Note how much line you had out and continue using the same length.

For sewing on smelts and shiners I recommend the following method: Place a few gut hooks in a can of water or minnow bucket so snell will be pliable when ready to bait up.

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Chapter 42

Bean, Leon Leonwood Down East Books ePub

Chapter 42

Salt Water Fishing

I should not consider my book complete without a word about Salt Water Fishing.

In recent years, Maine has added salt water fishing for giant bluefin tuna, striped bass and mackerel.

The best spot for tuna fishing is in the Bailey Island area of Casco Bay where these giant fish run from 200 lbs. up to over 700.

Regulation big game, deep sea fishing outfits are necessary to handle these giant bluefins, with the minimum tackle being 16 oz. tips, at least 500 yards of 24-thread line, and 10/0 reel.

There are mutual congratulations between Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Bean of Freeport, ME, on their catch of two seven-foot sailfish in Florida, recently. The fish hit the bait of both lines at the same time and both were landed together.

For the beginner, I recommend 36-thread line and a 14/0 reel, also that you hire a regular fishing boat that is fully equipped for taking out parties. After fishing a season or two, you might want to own your own boat. The best season is late July to mid-September. Due to recent increases in striped bass, anglers have found that Maine can produce plenty of activity for the thousands of salt water anglers who look upon striped bass as one of the finest light tackle salt water fish. One of the most reliable lures for stripers is the sea-worm, (sometimes called blood worm) either with or without sinker or spinner or trolling with a smooth running spinner baited with seaworms. Although most of Maine’s best striped bass fishing is in the tidal waters of its streams, these fish can also be taken surf casting, and here a regulation surf-casting outfit is in order. Best season is from late June through September.

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Part Two Day 1

Geraldine Ellis Watson University of North Texas Press PDF

Part Two, Day 1

Part Two

Day 1


River Mile 94 3:30 P.M.

A year passed before I continued my journey. It was autumn again. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect: cobalt blue skies, brilliant, sunshiny days and cool, crisp nights. And I had just been given my annual no-pay furlough from the Park Service, so it seemed a most auspicious time to begin the second part of my Neches River voyage. I had just finished building my little backwater boat and tried it out on Massey Lake near my home and it didn’t sink, so I packed the bare necessities for survival, and my daughter, Regina, drove me to Sheffield’s Ferry (Highway 1013 crossing) to launch me off.

I hadn’t intended to build a boat for this trip. I had thought for years that I would return to Deweyville where the old boat maker lived from whom Daddy had bought his backwater boat many years ago and try to find him, but kept putting it off. I didn’t even know his name. Then one night I had a dream.

Daddy came to me and said, “Sister, if you want a backwater boat, go to that

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Southern Bahamas

Planet, Lonely Lonely Planet Publications ePub


     Includes »

     Long Island

     North Long Island

     South Long Island

     Crooked Island District

     Crooked Island

     Long Cay

     Acklins Island

     Inaguas Mayaguana

     Great Little Inagua


Tear up what you think you know about the Bahamas when you come to the remote islands of the south. Yes, the sand is just as white, the water the same extraordinary blend of blues and the welcome just as friendly (if not more so) – but the simple difference here is that of development. No megaresorts or fast food restaurants blight the coastline, seeing another person on a beach is a crowd, and traffic is virtually nil.

The largest island in the Southern Bahamas is aptly named Long Island, though it’s hard to imagine anywhere less like its New York namesake. While it is lined with great beaches and enjoying some beautiful scenery, there are just a handful of small resorts on the island and finding total seclusion is never a problem.

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