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Video: Air Voice Practice

McAfee, Barbara Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub



If you surrendered to the
air, you could ride it.

Toni Morrison

I dream of painting and
then I paint my dream.

Vincent Van Gogh


The following are examples of the air voice. Can you hear them in your imagination?

A doting father makes faces and babbles happy nonsense at his newborn child.

Marilyn Monroe sings “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to John F. Kennedy.

A storyteller leans toward a group of children and breathlessly intones, “Once upon a time in a land far, far away…”

Doves coo at twilight.

An elderly woman prattles to her little dog in tones that make him wiggle with excitement.

The voices of the Vienna Boys Choir fill the cathedral with angelic sound.

The air voice in its purest form feels as though it is floating a few inches above the top of your head. If your hair follicles could sing, they would sound like this. You can hear and feel the air moving through your mouth when you’re using this voice. The key is to blend a tiny amount of tone with a veritable windstorm of breath. Many people experience dizziness when opening up the air sound, especially if it’s not a part of their usual way of speaking.

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5 Lift Another

Smith, Seth Adam Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Within every child is a seed of greatness.


After the Giant opened the door to his solitary confinement, he went to the little boy who could not climb the tree. The Giant “stole up behind him and took him gently in his hand, and put him up into the tree.”

I think it’s significant that the Giant was able to lift the boy in his hand. In a literal way, the Giant lifted another person—but in reaching out and helping someone else, he symbolically lifted himself in the process.

A story is told of a wise man who could interpret the messages of the wind and hear the thoughts of men. He traveled from kingdom to kingdom, dazzling the villagers with his knowledge and freely sharing his knowledge with the people. One day, the traveler came to the kingdom of a very prideful king. Jealous of the traveler’s fame, the king ordered his guards to arrest the traveler and bring him to his court so that the king could question him in front of all the people.

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Chapter Four: Prepare for Your Journey

Tracy, Brian Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute!
Boldness has power, and magic in it.
Only engage, and the mind grows heated.
Begin it, and the work will be completed.


Preparation is the mark of a professional. Preparation is also the mark of a successful person in any field. As you move upward in any occupation, you will find that the top people spend far more time in preparation than the average person does. The top 10 percent in any field are always more thoroughly prepared in every detail than those who struggle for a living in the same occupation.

When packing for trips, professional travelers take several steps over and over until they become habits. First, they make a list of everything that they will need for the upcoming trip. They do not trust to memory. They write it all down.50

Second, they lay out everything they are going to take with them, in advance, before packing. Third, they pack completely so that they are ready to leave for the airport well in advance of the scheduled time. Professional travelers know that if you pack in a panic because you have not allowed enough time, you will forget things that can lead to unnecessary inconveniences later on your journey.

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8 Level Four Resiliency: The Power of Positive Expectations

Siebert, Al Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Primitive humans had difficult lives. Our distant ancestors felt vulnerable to many mysterious forces. In some years food was plentiful; in other years it was hard to find. In some years, severe storms, floods, and forest fires killed many people. Sometimes wounds caused people to die, but wounds sometimes healed. Some people recovered from sicknesses that killed others.

Our human brain gives us the ability to recall memories of the past and imagine the future. We can remember good and bad things that have happened to us and can anticipate good and bad things that might happen. People used their minds and developing language skills as best they could to try to understand and explain the causes of good and bad things that occurred.

Ancient Greeks believed that gods living in the heavens on Mount Olympus controlled the events affecting their lives. In Greek mythology, Pandora was blamed for opening a box that unleashed a multitude of harmful spirits that inflicted plagues, diseases, and illnesses on mankind. Spirits of greed, envy, hatred, mistrust, sorrow, anger, revenge, lust, and despair scattered far and wide looking for humans to torment. Inside the box, however, Pandora also discovered and released a healing spirit named Hope. Hope had the power to heal afflictions and illnesses caused by the malevolent spirits.

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6. Mr. Thom's Lesson: Living Our Ideals

Izzo, John B. Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub


It was seventh grade and I was just starting junior high school at Intermediate School 27 in New York City. It took about a week to figure out that going to this school was not going to be a fun experience.

The first week at lunch the ordeal began. The older and tougher kids started hitting me up for money. It was not much really, a nickel here and a dime there, enough to buy a snack or two. And it was not the money that got to me; rather, it was the daily humiliation and the almost constant fear. To know each day that someone will threaten you eats away at the spirit. Leaving school, I had been beaten up several times, nothing too serious and not for money—just for the fun of it.

I tried not to tell my mother about it. She was a single mother, working hard to make ends meet. She needed no more burdens. (My son, Carter, gets bullied too when he is in fifth grade and it is hard for him to tell us. He is not short like I was, but he is sensitive and it occurs to me that perhaps schools were not meant for sensitive kids. He will outgrow it all, but for now my heart breaks; his feelings are familiar to me.)

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