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7. From the Camp to the Road: Representing the Evacuations from Auschwitz, January 1945

Indiana University Press ePub

Simone Gigliotti, Marc J. Masurovsky, and Erik B. Steiner

THEY DID NOT TELL US WHERE WE WERE GOINGTHEY just said to go–we saw thousands upon thousands of people–there were all these factories that surrounded Auschwitz and all these prisoners joined the march.”1 This commotion, according to Fela Finkelstein, was made all the more menacing by the guards’ threat that “anyone who does not walk, we will shoot, anyone who is weak, we will shoot.”2 From January 17 to 22, 1945, Finkelstein was among an estimated 56,000 Jewish and non-Jewish men, women, and children who were evacuated from forty camps in the Auschwitz camp complex. The conditions of the evacuation journeys, the health of the former camp prisoners, and guards’ abusive treatment of them blatantly contradicted the ostensible intention of their preservation and use as forced labor. Most evacuated prisoners walked between fifty and sixty kilometers to interim locations where they awaited rail transport to take them to concentration camps in the German Reich. The slow pace of the columns, moving at an average of no more than three kilometers per hour, made them more vulnerable to violence and Soviet military attacks. The relocation of Auschwitz prisoners had become urgent because January 12 marked the beginning of the Soviet Army’s Vistula-Oder Offensive, eight days ahead of schedule. After the fall of Kielce, Soviet troops entered the abandoned city of Warsaw on January 17. The liberation of Krakow occurred on January 19, following its encirclement by the Fifty-Ninth and Sixtieth Armies under Marshal Konev. Łódź fell on the same day. On January 20, Soviet forces entered Upper Silesia. Auschwitz’s evidence of life (the warehouses full of stolen goods, clothes, artifacts, immovable prisoners) and death (the crematoria and gas chambers) had to be erased. Time was running out.

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Nonprofit Resources for Nonprofits

Rudolph A. Rosen Texas A&M University Press ePub

The following nonprofit organizations, media, and agencies provide support and offer resources such as books and training to support nonprofit organizations’ fundraising and other essential functions, for example, board support, membership, administration, and general management.

Alliance for Nonprofit Management, San Francisco, CA

American Society of Association Executives, Washington, DC

Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, Indianapolis, IN

Association of Fundraising Professionals, Arlington, VA

The Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Washington, DC

Council on Foundations, Arlington, VA

Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI

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Chapter 7 • Capital Punishment and Death Row

R. Scott Harnsberger University of North Texas Press PDF

Appellate Courts

•409 Annual Statistical Report for the Texas Judiciary. Austin: Office of Court

Administration [2005–date].

Presents data for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on direct appeals

(death penalty and DNA appeals–death sentence); applications for writ of habeas corpus (death penalty); and motions for stay of execution. Also includes a county-level summary of death sentences and life sentences imposed in criminal cases in state district courts.

Research Note: Data is reported by fiscal year. Reports are available online back to 1996.

Previously published under the titles Texas Judicial Council Annual Report (1974–1978), Texas

Judicial System Annual Report of Statistical and Other Data for Calendar Year [year] (1979–

1983), and Texas Judicial System Annual Report Fiscal Year [year] (1984–2004).

410 Fagan, Jeffrey, and James Liebman. Processing and Outcome of Death

Penalty Appeals after Furman v. Georgia, 1973–1995: [United States]. Ann

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"L" Words: Praxis I Intermediate Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
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ACT Exam Essential Vocabulary: "H" Words

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub

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