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8 Thumper, Flower, Meeko, and Who Knows What Else?

Andrea Dawn Lopez University of North Texas Press PDF

Chapter Eight

as neighbors, however, was, whose house she had turned into her own. After all, this family of seven had to be holed up somewhere!

It didn’t take long to figure out where she raised her new family.

One of my neighbors caught her in the act of moving her young one night at dusk. He was sitting on his back porch enjoying the last bits of sunlight from a wonderful summer day when he saw the mother raccoon emerge from his neighbor’s chimney. She paused at the top and then returned to the darkness to retrieve something—one of her babies.

He didn’t know why she was moving her young. It seemed like a vulnerable situation for the babies. After all, where was she moving them to? Would they be all right in the meantime? Apparently, there was no need for worries. My neighbor watched as the mother went to and from the chimney, carrying one baby away at a time. She repeated the process until each of her six babies had been moved to a new location. We never knew if that homeowner knew he had raccoons in his chimney. Whatever the situation, the mother made up her mind that the chimney had served them long enough.

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Word Roots: A-B: GRE Word Roots

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"T" Words: ACT College Prep Vocabulary

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"O" Words: SAT College Prep Vocabulary

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Part 1 Learning the Basics

Rudolph A. Rosen Texas A&M University Press ePub

I recently attended an auction-event fundraiser where I was told a story similar to many I had heard before. An executive director of a nonprofit organization told me of a colleague in charge of an annual auction event that typically raises about $125,000. The organization holding the event was small, so $125,000 in event revenue sounded like a successful event to me. He said his colleague was frustrated with the event, because the net proceeds were only about $30,000 and the event was a lot of work. It was obvious why the event planner was frustrated. Spending $95,000 to raise $125,000 is not a very efficient way to raise money for a nonprofit organization.

Poor management of expenses at an event breaks faith with attendees who believe they are giving money that goes to the mission-related work of the host organization. Attendees took $125,000 out of their wallets and gave it to the organization during the event. They surely thought the dollars they spent would help the organization hosting the event. Instead, most of the money raised was used to pay expenses of holding the event.

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Level 1: Grade School_L-O: Praxis I Commonly Confused Words

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"Z" Words: Praxis I Advanced Vocabulary

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"I" Words: COOP-HSPT Vocabulary

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"R" Words: GED College Prep Vocabulary

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4. POÖIDEAE Benth.

Mary E. Barkworth Utah State University Press ePub

The subfamily Poöideae includes approximately 3300 species, making it the largest subfamily in the Poaceae. It reaches its greatest diversity in cool temperate and boreal regions, extending across the tropics only in high mountains.

1. Inflorescences 1-sided spikes, the spikelets radial to and partially embedded in the rachises; spikelets with 1 floret each . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7. Nardeae

1. Inflorescences panicles, racemes, or 2-sided spikes with spikelets radial or tangential to the rachises, sometimes embedded in the axes, never both radial and embedded; spikelets with 1–30 florets.

2. Cauline leaf sheaths closed for at least ¾ their length; lemmas longer than (4.5)6.5 mm or awned or with prominent, parallel veins.

3. Ovary apices glabrous; styles fused at the base, divergent, naked on the lower portion, plumose distally; lemmas often with a purplish band in the distal ½, usually unawned; distal 1–3 florets often reduced to lemmas, the lower 1–2 lemmas often enclosing the terminal lemmas; lodicules about 0.2–0.5 mm long, truncate, fleshy, without a distal membranous portion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9. Meliceae

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"D" Words: GMAT Advanced Vocabulary

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Chapter 7 • Capital Punishment and Death Row

R. Scott Harnsberger University of North Texas Press PDF

Appellate Courts

•409 Annual Statistical Report for the Texas Judiciary. Austin: Office of Court

Administration [2005–date].

Presents data for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on direct appeals

(death penalty and DNA appeals–death sentence); applications for writ of habeas corpus (death penalty); and motions for stay of execution. Also includes a county-level summary of death sentences and life sentences imposed in criminal cases in state district courts.

Research Note: Data is reported by fiscal year. Reports are available online back to 1996.

Previously published under the titles Texas Judicial Council Annual Report (1974–1978), Texas

Judicial System Annual Report of Statistical and Other Data for Calendar Year [year] (1979–

1983), and Texas Judicial System Annual Report Fiscal Year [year] (1984–2004).

410 Fagan, Jeffrey, and James Liebman. Processing and Outcome of Death

Penalty Appeals after Furman v. Georgia, 1973–1995: [United States]. Ann

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ACT Exam Essential Vocabulary: "M" Words

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"C" Words: Praxis I Intermediate Vocabulary

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4. The Freedom Key

Eric Maisel New World Library ePub

Chapter 4


Do you make use of your freedom to nurture, support, and create your best life in the arts?

We are free in certain senses and not free in others. Understanding this truth is one face of wisdom. There is almost nothing that we are free to control. By the same token there is almost nothing that we aren’t free to influence. The difference between control and influence is vital. The more you feel that you control nothing, the sadder and more passive you become. The more you see it as your job to exert the influence that is yours to exert, the more likely you are to spend your days actively making meaning.

Let’s take a simple example. Say that you want the book you’ve written to be picked up by a major publisher. You are not free to make that happen — you can’t control that at all. But you are completely free to try to make that happen, to keep trying to make that happen, and to profoundly influence the process by creating something that’s wanted, by properly building your platform, by networking in the right ways, and so on.

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