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IX. “I’ve been to the zoo. I said, I’ve been to the zoo”

Caki Wilkinson University of North Texas Press PDF
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A Tale of the Airly Days

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

OH! tell me a tale of the airly days—

Of the times as they ust to be;

“Piller of Fi-er” and “Shakespeare’s Plays”

Is a’ most too deep fer me!

I want plane facts, and I want plane words,

Of the good old-fashioned ways,

When speech run free as the songs of birds

’Way back in the airly days.

Tell me a tale of the timber-lands—

Of the old-time pioneers;

Somepin’ a pore man understands

With his feelins ’s well as ears.

Tell of the old log house,—about

The loft , and the puncheon flore—

The old fi-er-place, with the crane swung out,

And the latch-string thrugh the door.

Tell of the things jest as they was—

They don’t need no excuse!—

Don’t tech ’em up like the poets does,

Tel theyr all too fine fer use!—

Say they was ’leven in the fambily—

Two beds, and the chist, below,

And the trundle-beds that each helt three,

And the clock and the old bureau.

Then blow the horn at the old back-door

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Wortermelon Time

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

Old wortermelon time is a-comin’ round again,

And they ain’t no man a-livin’ any tickleder’n me,

Fer the way I hanker after wortermelons is a sin—

Which is the why and wharefore, as you can plainly see.

Oh! it’s in the sandy soil wortermelons does the best,

And it’s thare they’ll lay and waller in the sunshine and the dew

Tel they wear all the green streaks clean off of theyr breast;

And you bet I ain’t a-findin’ any fault with them; air you?

They ain’t no better thing in the vegetable line;

And they don’t need much ’tendin’, as ev’ry farmer knows;

And when theyr ripe and ready fer to pluck from the vine,

I want to say to you theyr the best fruit that grows.

It’s some likes the yeller-core, and some likes the red,

And it’s some says “The Little Californy” is the best;

But the sweetest slice of all I ever wedged in my head,

Is the old “Edingburg Mounting-sprout,” of the west.

You don’t want no punkins nigh your wortermelon vines—

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Kettle of Fish

Matt Miller University of North Texas Press PDF

Kettle of Fish


I am something of an onion cutter, one of those boys made to row lifeboats away from unsinkable ships. Of wide-brimmed hats and pins we’ve had enough and gin to spare but don’t come at it like that.

The lessons are boring in real time.

Edit to fit your attention, measure once and cut, cut, cut. I am folding into my own biography. I am part of the floor, part of the chair where I learned to tie knots around my feet.


You’re still here, very well, the attic is warmer this time of year. Watch the blizzard barrels roll into the shore. Oh, to be that cave of sharks and sea lions. I would a tongue to taste every man and woman I salt.

And who hung these portraits? Who ever hangs portraits? Does anyone stand anymore for such manipulations of light, such erasure of time and are they hiring hands with hooks down at the docks?


Was anyone left in the house when you woke?

Was that what made you mad or happy, or was there something else? I feel blue is an easy color to explain but try yellow and you rivet a valley where the sun crowns out of the earth and burns through

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Stray Home

Amy M. Clark University of North Texas Press PDF

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