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Bear Story, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

W’Y, wunst they wuz a Little Boy went out

In the woods to shoot a Bear. So, he went out

’Way in the grea’-big woods—he did.—An’ he

Wuz goin’ along—an’ goin’ along, you know,

An’ purty soon he heerd somepin’ go “Wooh!”

Ist thataway—“Woo-ooh!” An’ he wuz skeered,

He wuz. An’ so he runned an’ clumbed a tree—

A grea’-big tree, he did,—a sicka-more tree.

An’ nen he heerd it ag’in: an’ he looked round,

An’ ’t’uz a Bear!—a grea’-big shore-nuff Bear!

No: ’t’uz two Bears, it wuz—two grea’-big Bears—

One of ’em wuz—ist one’s a grea’-big Bear.—

But they ist boff went “Wooh!”—An’ here they come

To climb the tree an’ git the Little Boy

An’ eat him up!

An’ nen the Little Boy

He ’uz skeered worse’n ever! An’ here come

The grea’-big Bear a-climbin’ th’ tree to git

The Little Boy an’ eat him up—Oh, no!

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Matt Miller University of North Texas Press PDF

pinned behind her on the wall of cork crowded by dirty comics and pizza coupons. I gaze up at a glaze of muscles, the bleached white teeth, the peroxide hair teased up to frame the same green eyes looking at me now. “I used to work out everyday. Then

I started shooting up.” I don’t know what to say to her or why she’s telling me all this or if she’s shitting me.

Vanilla drips onto her lap.

“I really hate to eat from cones but I can’t use a cup because I’d need a spoon.

The spoon’s a trigger. I can’t have spoons around or I’ll want to cook up. Can’t even have spoons at home.

My kids all have to eat

Froot Loops with forks.” “That sucks,” I say imagining the ache of watching milk silk through the prongs

“Everyday at school my kids get teased because of their fat mom.

But it’s okay since I’m going to get my stomach stapled.

As long as I don’t lose this job.” I finish filling out the form. “So, please don’t tell no one I was eating, okay?”

I slip her fifty bucks— the deposit—and pocket the pen. Lenny rolls out my rental. “I won’t tell anyone,” I say and leave with my spreader of poison.

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Pet Coon, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

NOEY Bixler ketched him, and fetched him in to me

When he’s ist a little teenty-weenty baby-coon

’Bout as big as little pups, an’ tied him to a tree;

An’ Pa gived Noey fifty cents, when he come home at noon.

Nen he buyed a chain fer him, an’ little collar, too,

An’ sawed a hole in a’ old tub an’ turnt it upside-down;

An’ little feller’d stay in there and won’t come out fer you—

Tendin’ like he’s kindo’ skeered o’ boys ’at lives in town.

Now he aint afeard a bit! he’s ist so fat an’ tame,

We on’y chain him up at night, to save the little chicks.

Holler “Greedy! Greedy!” to him, an’ he knows his name,

An’ here he’ll come a-waddle-un, up fer any tricks!

He’ll climb up my leg, he will, an’ waller in my lap,

An’ poke his little black paws ’way in my pockets where

They’s beechnuts, er chinkypins, er any little scrap

Of anything, ’at’s good to eat—an’ he don’t care!

An’ he’s as spunky as you please, an’ don’t like dogs at all.—

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Weed Guide

Stefanie Wortman University of Northern Texas PDF
Medium 9781574413090

V. Dramatis Personae

Caki Wilkinson University of North Texas Press PDF

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