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Raw Human Things

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF

............equipment bag was already prepared for the season, so all I had to do was throw some clothes and a towel in a backpack, double-check to make sure I had my log book and a few other odds and ends, throw it all in the trunk and make sure the car wasn’t blocked in by others so I could make a hasty departure this morning. And that’s where I am now; making the thirty minute drive to my home dropzone on a morning that promises to be ideal for jumping out of airplanes.I always have a nervous stomach on the drive to the airfield that stays with me until I exit the aircraft for the first jump of the day, and today is no exception. It’s like a low-level dread. If anything, it’s a little worse than usual today because I haven’t done any jumping since December when I made it down to a dropzone in Florida for a few days. After my first jump I’m always fine for the rest of the day. It’s nice to think that enlightenment lets you transcend emotions like fear at will, but as they say to the beginners in skydiving, if you’re not afraid of jumping out of an airplane, there’s something wrong with you..............

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Forrie, Allan Thistledown Press ePub
“Che Among the Cotoneasters” is a call to arms to bring landscape architecture to the masses. Though Don Gayton muses that “building a garden is a bit like building your own house while you live in it,” he encourages the reader to recognize the delicate balance struck between biology, geology, climate, and culture that is found in gardening.
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6 The Path of Animals

Foundation, Anasazi Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Animals sense our walking.

I don’t mean merely that they know our presence. I mean
that, in moments, they sense the intentions of our hearts—
whether our hearts are walking forward or backward.

You may wonder at my saying this. There was a time
when I wouldn’t have believed it myself.

But then I met a badger with a stone.

It happened not long after I escaped
the land of winding cliffs.

My moccasins had disintegrated from my feet, and with
them some of my confidence among the hills. Red ants
and stickers bade me turn around at each step. Finally,
I collapsed to rest in the pungent shade of a sagebrush.

After a few minutes, I heard from the other side
of the brush a muffled growl and spitting noise.
I turned my head to look.

Less than five feet away was a freshly dug hole.
From the hole a furry rump emerged—the rump of
a massive badger backing its way up the dirt ramp.
He held loosely in his front claws a fist-sized stone,
dragging and rolling it along up the ramp.

I forgot my troubles as I watched the scene.
As the badger’s body topped the ramp, he pitched
awkwardly down the other side and lost hold of the stone.
He growled and went back after it. Time and time again
he attempted the same, only to lose hold at the top.
When finally he succeeded and was about to go back—
perhaps for another rock or for a rest—he saw me.

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Truth-talk in the Dreamstate

Jed McKenna Wisefool Press PDF
“Jed,” says one of the guys, Randy, “when you say that there is nothing to know in order to be enlightened – ”


“Well, I guess I just can’t reconcile that with any of the world’s great teachings and religions. I mean, what about Yoga and Vedanta and Buddhism? What about the ancient and European philosophers? What about Christianity and Islam and Judaism? How can there be nothing to know?”

Obviously this is something he’s really struggling with.

“It’s incomprehensible. It’s just too much. I can’t get a handle on it.”

There is a murmur of agreement. The questions seems to resonate with all of them.

“I know what you mean,” I reply. “The only thing to get a handle on is negation; the tearing-down process. I know you want to learn something, to embrace something, to understand. Humans are comprised of emotion and intellect, so it’s only natural to want to follow one or both of these aspects of ourselves inward to the truth, but you can’t.......... See All Chapters
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5. Liberated and Liberating Sisters: Meister Eckhart Meets Dorothee Soelle, the Beguines Mechtild of Magdeburg and Marguerite Porete, and Julian of Norwich

Matthew Fox New World Library ePub

Meister Eckhart Meets Dorothee Soelle, the Beguines Mechtild of Magdeburg and Marguerite Porete, and Julian of Norwich

Eckhart raised a bold objection that reflects the spirit and discussion of the blossoming movement of women.


The day of my spiritual awakening was the day I saw and knew I saw all things in God and God in all things.


God feels great delight to be our Father and God feels great delight to be our Mother.


In his life, Meister Eckhart did not just incorporate the Divine Feminine in some speculative or safe manner. He actually engaged with the women’s movement of his day, the Beguines, a movement very much under suspicion by the powers that be, inquisitors and popes included. He practiced what he preached. Dorothee Soelle is a fine guide to tell us this story.

Dorothee Soelle (1929–2003) was a poet, a mother, an activist in peace and ecological movements, a substantive feminist theologian, and a liberation theologian. A citizen of Germany, she taught theology for twelve years at Union Theological Seminary in New York City and was author of many books, including To Work and to Love: A Theology of Creation, Theology for Skeptics, Suffering, Revolutionary Patience, and The Silent Cry: Mysticism and Resistance. Especially in The Silent Cry, Soelle addresses the relationship of Meister Eckhart to the Beguines, a mystical tradition that resisted social injustice, and she invokes Eckhart as a supreme example of a spiritual warrior, a mystic-prophet, and a contemplative activist. Soelle also taught courses on Eckhart at Union Theological Seminary, so it can be said that she and Eckhart have already met at a profound level. What I offer in this chapter, then, is an opportunity for the reader to be a fly on the wall as Eckhart and Soelle interact still one more time. It is a conversation very much worth participating in.

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