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Packing for Travel

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When packing for a trip, travelers have many choices in luggage. This lesson presents some of those choices.

A. Write a letter to match each item of luggage with its description.

1. _____ garment bag

2. _____ carry-on

3. _____ overnight bag

4. _____ duffel bag

5. _____ trunk

6. _____ backpack

a. a bag that’s small enough to be brought into a plane’s cabin rather than checked as baggage b. a long cloth bag shaped like a cylinder c. a bag in which articles of clothing can be hung up d. a leather or cloth bag worn on the back; also called a knapsack e. a small bag used to carry only enough for very short trips f. a large, strong box for holding belongings when traveling

B. Study the diagram of a suitcase on the right. Label each part with words from the box.


➝1. ________________________


➝2. ________________________


ID tag

➝3. ________________________

baggage claim tag

➝4. ________________________

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The U.S. Military 1

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Many American citizens serve the United States as members of the military.

A. The boldfaced words in the sentences name branches of the U.S. military.

Look for clues to meaning in the word itself and the related words listed at the end of each sentence. If you need more help, check a dictionary. Circle a letter to show the word that best completes each sentence.

1. Members of the Navy would 4. The Marines are a division of the most likely serve their country

a. Army.

a. on the sea.

b. Navy.

b. on land.

c. Air Force.

c. in the air.

(related words: maritime, marina)

(related words: naval, nautical )

2. People in the Army are trained 5. The Coast Guard protects the to use

a. shorelines.

a. cooking equipment.

b. airways.

b. weapons.

c. deserts of the United States.

c. skis.

(related words: coastal, seacoast )

(related words: arms, armed,


Reserve units are armaments)

a. on active duty.

3. The Air Force does much of b. specially trained for the most its work dangerous duties.

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Chapter 1: Releasing Responsibility: A Framework for Teaching and Learning

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Moving from a 20th century goal of student compliance to a 21st century goal of student competence requires an instructional model designed to accomplish this. The thinking behind the gradual release of responsibility model is that teachers must plan to move from providing students extensive support to having them rely on peer support to expecting them to function with no support. Or as Duke and Pearson (2002) suggested, teachers have to move from assuming “all the responsibility for performing a task . . . to a situation in which the students assume all of the responsibility” (p. 211). Unfortunately, in too many classrooms, releasing responsibility is unplanned, it happens too suddenly, and it results in misunderstandings and failure. Consider the classroom in which students hear a lecture and are then expected to pass a test. Or the classroom in which students are told to read texts at home and come to class prepared to discuss them. Or the classroom in which students are assigned a problem set twenty minutes after the teacher has explained how to do the problems. In each of these cases, students are expected to perform independently but are not well prepared for the task.

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Medical Insurance

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As treatment costs rise, medical insurance becomes more necessary than ever.

On this page, you’ll work with the vocabulary of medical insurance.

A. Sometimes you can use synonyms (words that have similar

meanings) as context clues to help you figure out unfamiliar words. Notice the boldfaced term in the first sentence of each pair. Find and circle a synonym for that word in the second sentence. The first item has been done as a model.

1. When he moved to San Diego, Sam selected a new health care provider. He chose a doctor near his new home.

2. Sam’s employer paid most of his insurance premiums. Sam himself made monthly payments of $65.00.

3. When Sam gets a doctor’s bill, he mails a claim to his insurance company. When they receive his request, they pay the doctor.

4. Sam must show his ID card each time he gets medical treatment.

This credential gives information about his insurance plan.

5. Sam’s insurance plan has comprehensive coverage. It gives

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2: The Emerging Opposition

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T H E E X P A N S I O N O F B I L I N G U A L E D U C AT I O N , 1 9 6 8 – 1 9 7 8


bilingual education, established an Advisory Council on Bilingual Education, and vigorously monitored the development of regulations for the implementation of bilingual education policies. The OCR in the Department of Education became increasingly active in activities related to the compliance of the Lau decision.

The federal judiciary also became involved in bilingual education during the mid-1970s. The Supreme Court, as noted earlier, made a ruling favorable to bilingual education in 1974. Soon thereafter, several lower courts ruled on behalf of bilingual education advocates by mandating the use of native languages in the instruction of limited-Englishproficient children and by prohibiting the use of ESL methods.51

By the latter part of the 1970s, then, the federal role had increased tremendously as indicated by the participation of all three branches of the federal government in the making, implementing, and evaluating of bilingual education policy. It had also become more actively involved in local education by mandating bilingual education throughout the country.

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