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James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

MANY pleasures of youth have been buoyantly sung—

And, borne on the winds of delight, may they beat

With their palpitant wings at the hearts of the Young,

And in bosoms of Age find as warm a retreat!—

Yet sweetest of all of the musical throng,

Though least of the numbers that upward aspire,

Is the one rising now into wavering song,

As I sit in the silence and gaze in the fire.

’Tis a Winter long dead that beleaguers my door

And muffles his steps in the snows of the past:

And I see, in the embers I’m dreaming before,

Lost faces of love as they looked on me last:—

The round, laughing eyes of the desk-mate of old

Gleam out for a moment with truant desire—

Then fade and are lost in a City of Gold,

As I sit in the silence and gaze in the fire.

And then comes the face, peering back in my own,

Of a shy little girl, with her lids drooping low,

As she faltering tells, in a far-away tone,

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Pixy People, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

IT was just a very

Merry fairy dream!—

All the woods were airy

With the gloom and gleam;

Crickets in the clover

Clattered clear and strong,

And the bees droned over

Their old honey-song.

In the mossy passes,

Saucy grasshoppers

Leapt about the grasses

And the thistle-burs;

And the whispered chuckle

Of the katydid

Shoot the honeysuckle

Blossoms where he hid.

Through the breezy mazes

Of the lazy June,

Drowsy with the hazes,

Of the dreamy noon,

Little Pixy people

Winged above the walk,

Pouring from the steeple

Of a mullein-stalk.

One—a gallant fellow—

Evidently King,—

Wore a plume of yellow

In a jewelled ring

On a pansy bonnet,

Gold and white and blue,

With the dew still on it,

And the fragrance, too.

One—a dainty lady,—

Evidently Queen,—

Wore a gown of shady

Moonshine and green,

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Super-Sweet-Smelling Lavender Sachets

Annabel Wrigley FunStitch Studio ePub

a teeny bit more challenging

Super-Sweet-Smelling Lavender Sachets

Finished Size: Approximately 4¾˝ × 6½˝

What Do I Need?

Large scrap at least 6˝ × 15˝ or ¼ yard of cotton fabric for the outer bag (You can make 3 bags with ¼ yard.)

Large scrap at least 5˝ × 14˝ of muslin for the inner bag

⅛ yard of fun-colored cotton for the ties

Dried lavender (about 1 cup)

Basic sewing supplies

special skills

•Refer to The Rules of Sewing

• Using an iron

If you are using a ¼˝ presser foot, don’t forget to use washi tape as a guide to make the correct seam allowance width for this project.

Prepare the Pieces

1.Cut 1 piece of cotton fabric to measure 5½˝ × 14˝ for the outer bag.

2.Cut 1 piece of muslin to measure 4½˝ × 13˝ for the inner bag.

3.Cut 2 pieces of cotton to measure 2˝ × 22½˝ for the ties.

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Rider of the Knee, The

James Whitcomb Riley Indiana University Press ePub

KNIGHTLY Rider of the Knee

Of Proud-prancing Unclery!

Gaily mount, and wave the sign

Of that mastery of thine.

Pat thy steed and turn him free,

Knightly Rider of the Knee!

Sit thy charger as a throne—

Lash him with thy laugh alone:

Sting him only with the spur

Of such wit as may occur,

Knightly Rider of the Knee,

In thy shriek of ecstasy.

Would, as now, we might endure,

Twain as one—thou miniature

Ruler, at the rein of me—

Knightly Rider of the Knee!

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1: Introduction

Friis-Hansen, E. CABI PDF



Esbern Friis-Hansen

Towards Implementation of Adaptation to Climate Change in Rural Africa

Climate change is widely acknowledged to be one of the fundamental challenges facing Africa and the entire world in the 21st century. In its fifth assessment, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presents overwhelming scientific evidence that human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases are changing the global climate (IPCC, 2013).

Climate change mitigation of CO2 emissions is a global challenge, and the narratives of how to conceptualize climate change mitigation and adaptation and how to act on this knowledge are being negotiated in the Conference of the Parties

(COP) under the United Nations Framework

Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

During the 21st COP held in Paris in 2015, global agreement was reached on a new clear roadmap for reaching US$100 billion of international finance for climate change mitigation and adaptation for developing countries by

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