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2. Basics about Diabetes and Prediabetes

Smith, Melissa Diane Basic Health Publications ePub


Diabetes doesnt develop overnight. Minor problems in blood sugar function start slowly and imperceptibly, gradually leading to bigger problems and eventually to prediabetes and diabetes.

As already mentioned, the standard American diet, high in refined carbohydrates, sets us up for blood sugar imbalance. Consequently, many people today have blood sugar problems of one type or another and are at risk of developing diabetes, even though they dont know it. This chapter will help you understand one of the most important self-regulating systems of the bodyblood sugar functionand how to catch early signs of blood sugar imbalance, prediabetes, and diabetes.

Every time we eat carbohydrateswhich are found in foods such as grains, sugars, beans, vegetables, and fruitsour body breaks them down into glucose, a type of sugar that serves as the bodys main fuel. Our body functions best when blood sugar (or blood glucose) levels stay steady in normal ranges, so the body works hard to maintain a fairly even stream of glucose in the blood.

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113. Procrastination Payoff

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub
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PERK #33: Playing the Ole Cancer Card

Strang BA BEd MEd, Florence Basic Health Publications ePub

Perk #33

Playing the Ole Cancer Card

Idunno, there is just something about having cancer that makes you think that you no longer have to play by the rules. For example, if my sixteen-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn, were to say, “Mom, you can’t park here, it’s a no parking zone!” I’d say, “But of course I can, honey, I have cancer.” It is as if cancer had given me a newfound sense of entitlement. Besides, who was going to make me move my car if I happened to slip and say that I have cancer? Although my teen chastised me for this attitude, I found her on occasion playing the ole cancer card as well: “Sorry my essay is late, Mrs. Smith. Yesterday was Mom’s chemo day. “


Go Ahead, Take Advantage, and Be Assertive

Consider, if you will, this scenario unfolding in the chemo room:

You are sitting in the chair, ready for chemo, but as the nurse hangs the bag, you notice it’s a different-colored fluid than all the other treatments you’ve gotten in the past.

Which response best matches yours?

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7 Preventing the imprint of violence

Simon House Karnac Books ePub

The sense of peace, well-being, and prosperity is combined in the word “salaam” or “shalom”, which are basically the same. The spiritual quality most needed to achieve shalom/salaam is compassion, or empathy—terms that are central to religions. Destroying and negating these qualities are violence, depression, and degrading poverty. The great religions are often the first to work against these negatives, keeping to their original purpose of inducing salaam/shalom by enlightening people. Not that they are not alone in this; and religious elements have often notoriously shown themselves distinctly devoid of compassion or empathy, even exhibiting atrocious violence, however remote that may have been from the intentions their founders and true leaders.

Science, though no alternative to religion, has contributed to health and prosperity, although its record in drugs for mental disorders is mixed. Yet scientific evidence is now clarifying the effects of specific nutrients on a person’s feelings and behaviour. This will help us to safeguard the qualities of shalom/salaam and empathy/compassion in the human make-up. Attention to both nutritional and emotional needs can contribute powerfully to peace and reduce personal violence.

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2. How to Manage Your Pain: The Components of Complete Health

Sehgal, Angela Basic Health Publications ePub

Chapter 2

How to Manage Your Pain: The Components of Complete Health

Now that you have seen the blueprint of pain, it is time to go to the next level of pain recognition: managing your pain through the components of complete health. Managing pain is similar to building a house. You start by laying the foundation (pouring the concrete) to create a very sound and solid structure. Once the foundation has cured, the frame of the house is constructed, which provides the internal skeleton for the walls and the roof. After the walls and roof have been completed, the details of the inside of the house are then worked on, producing, in the end, a finished product.

This chapter illustrates similar “building” techniques for alleviating your pain, teaching you how to incorporate the components of complete health into your life. Your building blocks are a positive mental attitude (the foundation) to motivate you, healthy habits (walls and roof) to create a healthier body and environment, and the ability to incorporate these elements of better health into everyday life (the finished product). You will then be ready to move into your new pain-free body!

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