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Disney Films 1937–1967: The “Classic” Years

Amy M. Davis John Libbey Publishing ePub


In what is currently believed to be the first American animated short, Winsor McKay’s “Little Nemo”, the only female character, and therefore probably the first female character to appear in an American cartoon, was a princess. Her name was the Princess of Slumberland, and in her role she was awakened by Nemo, who sketches her and thus brings her to life. In the twenty-six years between the release of “Little Nemo” in 1911, and that of Disney’s animated feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, a number of other female characters would be shown, but rarely were they central to the cartoons in which they appeared. The Betty Boop cartoons were the only instance of a successful cartoon series in which a female character featured, and Betty was certainly one of the few human characters to appear in animation before 1937. Instead, those female characters to be found were, by and large, foils for the male heroes of the cartoons: Minnie was there to support Mickey, Petunia was there for Porky, Clarabelle Cow for Horace Horse, Honey for Bosko. Rarely were they featured in cartoons of their own, and this happened only later on in their “careers”, after their association with their male counterpart had been well established. Betty Boop was the only real exception to this, since she was the main character in all of her cartoons. The only other possible exception would be Alice from Disney’s Alice Comedies, but since Alice was played by a real little girl (and was eventually all but phased out of the series which bore her name), she does not truly count as an exception in the same way as Betty Boop.

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72. Sin of the Skin #3: Thin Skin

Klatz M.D. D.O., Ronald Basic Health Publications ePub
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Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

We have grown cynical and often miss

The perfect thing. Embarrassment also

Convinces us we cannot dare to show

Our sickness. But you listen and we know

That you can meet us in our own distress.

The Illusion

The sun, a child at play, and one or two

Young people lying on the lawn, a place

That seems so peaceful that they can’t be true,

Those horrors, and so much unhappiness.

Much is the same as what we know outside –

People hold hands here, others sit apart.

A casual glance could never quite divide

The normal from the sick and frightened heart.

Oddly, it’s here I learn, with fear and pain

Rooted within myself, new words, new tongues,

New honesties and courage that sustain

The power to bear what man has made of things.

Only one horror haunts and lives with me

And won’t be shed. I have learnt here also,

In one long look of naked cruelty,

How man can dream of Belsen, make it grow.


It was at breakfast only yesterday

(Patients, like children, gobbling porridge up),

That suddenly this loud inhuman voice

Broke through the semi-peace, the childish noise.

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4 Countertransference

Rothstein, Arnold Karnac Books PDF



My purpose in this chapter is to explore countertransference proclivities experienced at various phases in the analytic work with patients considered narcissistic personality disorders. However, because narcissistic investments are ubiquitous, narcissistic resistances occur in a broad spectrum of patients from healthier to sicker ones. Therefore, the countertransference reactions described here with narcissistic personality disorders may occur at varying points in all analyses.

In chapter 2, narcissistic personality disorder was defined by the predominance of narcissistic defenses in a person's character "armor'' and by the state of the ego's integration of its defenses. Thus, before proceeding with a discussion of countertransference, it is important to note that most analyzable patients with narcissistic personality disorders employ, in addition to their narcissistic defenses, other defenses including denial of narcissistic injury, projection of rage, externalization of superego introjects, as well as defensive masochistic and sadistic identifications.

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Chapter Ten: The Emergence of Civilisation

Mulhern, Alan Karnac Books ePub

He gazes at the far off town,

It rises to the skies.

The dragon gasps its dying breath,

To earth it sinks and dies.

At what cost is this destruction

What the price of lofty deed?

Urban life and civilization,

By this blood from Nature's freed.

Order now is raised from chaos,

Sexuality controlled,

Discipline will be the watchword,

Boundaries will be patrolled.

Consciousness demands such rigour,

Clear division is its goal,

You and I are separate beings,

Nature no more holds the soul.

Thoughts to new heights now do rise,

Technique shall have no bound.

Carnal impulse is contained,

Spirit touches not the ground.

Instinctual world now is repressed,

Nature's power is therefore dimmed.

In spite of freedom yet we feel

By this action we have sinned.

Great Mother into shadow fades,

Father gods shall now shine bright.

Moon descends below horizon

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