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Tip 19: You are more Attractive When You Break Bread with a Competitor

Hall, Stacey Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

We have met the enemy,

                        and it is us.

                Pogo (Walt Kelly)

THE TIP today is a bit outrageous: call one of your competitors and invite him or her to lunch with the goal of transforming this competitor into a collaborator.

As a Synchronicity Strategist, you should always be prepared to refer less-than-perfect clients to someone else in your industry for whom they are more perfect. The only way to truly know your competitors is to build relationships with them.

We have worked with many clients who, at first, balked at this tip. They believed that the owners of the other businesses in their industry would not want to share any information with a so-called competitor. Our advice to them and to you is to begin developing relationships with businesspeople who belong to your industry’s trade association. These are the people who understand the importance of sharing knowledge, information, and even customers for the betterment of all concerned. Most of the local chapters of these associations have monthly breakfast or lunch meetings specifically for the purpose of introducing representatives of competitive businesses to each other.

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86. Get Wired—Electrify Your Telecommuting Experience

Dinnocenzo, Debra Berrett-Koehler Publishers PDF



101 Tips for Telecommuters

Get Wired—Electrify Your

Telecommuting Experience

Inherent in the well-connected, high-tech office of the modern telecommuter is a fundamental reality: wires, cords, and all things electrical. The degree to which you require adequate electrical service cannot be overemphasized from both a capacity and a safety perspective. Without anticipating your electrical needs, it’s likely your demand for outlets, extension cords, and power strips will soon overwhelm the electrical system in your house (or at least the circuits supporting your office area). This is a particular concern for older homes and any dwellings not designed for extreme electrical usage in a concentrated area.

Having been one of those telecommuters who added the additional circuits and outlets after demand had far exceeded the original outlet capacity in my office, I speak with experience (and eternal gratefulness for the fire I miraculously avoided in my office!). Even I was amazed, however, when I thought to count the number of cords and wires behind my desk. Bear in mind that 4 additional computers,

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3 Bob Dylan and I in Mozambique

Sinclair, Hugh Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

To suggest that our decision to move to Mozambique was an informed one would fall short of factual accuracy.

I had met World Relief staffers in New York some months before while attending a conference. They were particularly interested in my experiences with struggling MFIs. A few months later they contacted me to ask if I would be interested in assisting them in Rwanda, Burundi, Mongolia, or Mozambique. Neither Jessica nor I had ever been to Africa or knew much about the place: it had animals, wars, and poverty. I remember reading something about two of the countries being particularly brutal and ruled them out immediately.

This was a major decision, and I needed to consult Jessica. I shouted upstairs: Those American guys have offered us work in Rwanda, Burundi, Mongolia, or Mozambique. Fancy any of those? I think Rwanda and Burundi have wars or something, might skip those.

Jessica shouted downstairs, What language do they speak in Mozambique?

I searched online. Portuguese. But dont you reckon Mongolia would be awesome? We could go on that famous train.

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Chapter 7: Sustaining the Momentum Systemically

Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

“The proof is always in the eating of the pudding.”

The momentum of a major change effort is sustained when the organization anchors the required changes in the fiber of the organization while maintaining its ability to respond to the next set of challenges. Sustaining the momentum of change is a challenge for any organization; sustaining the momentum of change systemically is one of the important attributes of the Whole-Scale approach.

Systemic momentum is achieved through paying attention at all times to all points of the Star of Success. At times, the work of the change effort may focus more on one of the first four points, such as setting the Strategic Direction, and all points are kept in mind at all times. We have come to believe that for sustaining momentum for change, the most important point on the Star of Success is the fifth and final point, Shared Information (see figure 7.1). When an organization has been able to share information in a way that sustains a common worldview, it has achieved the ability to sustain change.

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Chapter 5 Media, Girls, and Body Image

Augustine, Ellen Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Ellen Schwartz

how impossible images
of physical perfection
are making our girls sick

The tyranny of the ideal image makes almost all of
us feel inferior … We are taught to hate our bodies,
and thus learn to hate ourselves. This obsession
with thinness is not a trivial issue; it cuts to the
very heart of women’s energy, power, and
self-esteem. This is a major health problem.

—Jean Kilbourne, in Feminist Perspectives on Eating Disorders

The anorexic is weak, voiceless, and can only with
difficulty focus on a world beyond her plate.

—Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth

Many of our girls have “the look of sickness,
the look of poverty, and the look
of nervous exhaustion.”

—Ann Hollander, Seeing Through Clothes


A PLAGUE IS ABROAD IN THE LAND. It has not been caused by rats or mosquitoes, but by profit-driven industries relentlessly marketing an ideal body image impossible to attain. The victims of this epidemic? Our young women and girls.

The onslaught starts with a seemingly innocuous toy. While Barbie is presented as fun and wholesome, her image sets the tone for what girls come to expect of themselves in real life. Her unnaturally thin body makes even little girls with normal bodies unhappy with their appearance.

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