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ACT Exam Essential Vocabulary: "M" Words

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3. Women of Color and the Rewriting of Western History

Edited by Linda Heidenreich with Antonia I. Castañeda UNT Press ePub

Chapter 3

Historians have long struggled with the need to rewrite western history and to articulate a new, inclusive synthesis that fully incorporates the history of women of color.1 In her concluding remarks at the Women’s West Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, in 1983, Suzan Shown Harjo (identifying herself culturally as Cheyenne and Creek and politically as Cheyenne and Arapaho) charged that women of the West

are still possessed of inaccurate information about who we are collectively, who we are individually, and who we have been. We view each other through layers of racial, ethnic, and class biases, perpetuated by the white, male ruling institutions, such as the educational system that teaches in the early years and controls later research in the history of women in the West.2

This critique of the reigning historiography has changed little since then or since Joan Jensen and Darlis Miller first called for a multicultural, or intercultural, approach in their essay, “The Gentle Tamers Revisited: New Approaches to the History of Women in the American West.”3 A decade of “multicultural” historiography has still not come to terms with the historical, theoretical, political, and ideological issues raised by Harjo at Sun Valley.

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MATTER USED TO RULE THE WORLD, but it doesn’t any longer. We may have lived in a material world once, but now we live in a world that is virtually matter-less. In fact, the less matter you have, the better. As G. Wolf wrote: “The fewer atoms you move, the more money you make.”1

In the old economy, tangible assets were at the heart of a financially solid company. But in the knowledge-based economy, intangibles are the key to success—intangibles and the market’s perception of the company’s potential. For today the value of a company is increasingly determined by market traders rather than accountants.

At no time has the gap between book value and market value been so great. Yet this is not surprising. Book value concentrates on historical data, whereas market value concentrates on a company’s potential to generate profit. In their book Weightless Wealth Daniel Andriessen and René Tissen wrote: “Financial reporting systems reveal little of the assets which today, in the knowledge economy, play a vital role in the success (and continued success) of the company. Nor do present financial indicators give any true picture of the key factors for success. And a balance sheet says very little about future success.”2

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Edited by Linda Wilcox DeSimone University Press of Colorado ePub

My Husband leaves for Italy—Experiences as the Wife of a Missionary—Privations and Struggles with Poverty in England—Suspicions of Polygamy—The “Privilege” of “Washing the Elders’ Feet”—Cheerful Words in Time of Trouble.

I HAD been married about four months when my husband was called to go on a mission to Italy. What terrible news this was to me, for I was to be left behind! In my grief I exclaimed, “Ah! why could they not have selected some one else?” Then I remembered how that, in my first joy and gratitude after being baptized into the church, I had said that I would do any thing that the Lord required of me; and now I felt that He was going to put me to the test. Thus it was that, when asked by one of the “Twelve Apostles” if I were willing that my husband should go, I answered “Yes,” although even at the time I thought that my very heart would break.

As Mormon elders receive no salary, nor any remuneration whatever, my husband was very much troubled about leaving me dependent on others, not being sure how I might be provided for, and knowing better than I did what want I should probably be exposed to. At his request, an old and valued friend was appointed his successor; Mr. S. believing that in doing so I should be provided for and watched over!

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5 Self-Leadership Through Natural Rewards

Manz, Charles C. Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

“YOU SURE SEEM TO WORK HARD at your new job, Bill. Yo u must have really received a big pay increase when you took the position.”

“Oh, a little one, Frank, but actually I don’t make much more than I did in my old position. It’s really a lateral move.”

“Really? That seems hard to believe. You seem to be more interested and engaged in your work. Why did you take the job?”

“It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s just that I really like the kind of work I’m doing. When I stopped to think about it, I realized I didn’t really need more money to make the decision. I guess I’m getting a kick out of the work itself. I feel effective in what I’m doing and I have more freedom to do the work the way I want. When something gets done I know I’ve really made a contribution. I’m just plain motivated to do the work for its own value. Don’t tell anybody, Frank,” Bill said, with a playful smile on his face. “But I probably would do this job even if they paid me less than my old job. One thing is clear, I know my level of performance has really improved with this new job.”

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