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Forrie, Allan Thistledown Press ePub
The contrast between life and death is presented using the example of the town of Dachau, whose main tourist attractions – the former Nazi death camp and a monastery where monks brew beer – are juxtaposed with the author’s memory of a beautiful young girl playing joyfully around her grandfather’s grave in “O Wheel”.
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5. An Irrational Decision

Frock, Roger Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub


The following week Fred was in New York and had some people he wanted me to meet after work. Later that day at a Midtown Manhattan hotel, I was introduced to Art Bass and Vince Fagan. Fred then proceeded to explain that Art and Vince were consultants from the Aerospace Advanced Planning Group. They had just completed a study to evaluate the potential market for the proposed Federal Express service!

I had no clue that another team had been working on a study, duplicating at least a part of the research we had been doing. Trying to conceal my astonishment, I calmly probed to find out more. Fred had first become acquainted with AAPG when Art was making a sales presentation to Little Rock Airmotive, the neighboring airplane modification center on Adams Field. The month before Fred first contacted Kearney, he authorized AAPG to determine the size and nature of the market for priority small packages and to recommend the most effective way to structure a marketing program for the service.

Art and Vince were confident in their assessment of the market but practical in their appraisal of the proposed venture. It seemed odd to me to have two independent groups developing information on the size and nature of the market; however, as I was later to learn repeatedly, Fred was anything but a conventional businessman.

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15 Step 1 Your Attitude of Resolution

Levine, Stewart Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

If we keep following the idea of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, we will end up with an eyeless and toothless world.


The first step in the conflict resolution model is developing the attitude of resolution. This means choosing the thinking embodied in the ten principles. The attitude is developed by listening, sharing concerns, and knowing there is an agreement waiting to be discovered. The attitude of resolution is the opposite of thinking about winning or losing.

I call the attitude Resolutionary Thinking.

Initially, practice, conscious intention, and affirmations will be required to turn the new attitude into a new habit of thinking. To help you develop this new habit, this chapter discusses several skills to use and some obstacles to avoid.

Embracing an attitude of resolution requires a perspective of curiosity and discovery as you engage in learning more about another person’s point of view. Through dialogue you understand what people want and what the situation requires. To stay in the discovering mode, you put aside thinking that you have the “right” answer, “know” what is fair, or have the “truth.”

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2. Prepare to Stay Healthy

Michael P. Zimring Basic Health Publications, Inc. ePub




OUVE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR THIS TRIP, your work is done, you scheduled your vacation time, the tickets are purchased, and youre almost on your way. The last thing on your mind is getting sick. Unfortunately, getting sick happens, and it can definitely throw a wrench into your plans or even sideline you for a few days or weeks.

When traveling, even the healthiest body is subjected to a host of possible infections and diseases. In Chapter 1, we presented the immunizations that will help protect you from some of those conditions. There are, however, some illnesses for which there are no vaccinations.

You can catch a cold, flu, or gastrointestinal virus virtually anywhere. If you eat food that has not been properly prepared, you may end up with travelers diarrhea. A trip to the mountains may sound like fun, but if you travel too high too fast you could suffer from high-altitude sickness. And that annoying bug bite could end up giving you Lyme disease or malaria. (Two other extremely important health issues for travelers, deep vein thrombosis and jet lag, are covered in Chapter 3.)

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CHAPTER ELEVEN: A body psychotherapist’s approach to touch

Karnac Books ePub

Nick Totton

“In a relationship where passing a box of Kleenex can be ill-advised at certain times, touching the patient’s body undoubtedly can create a complex web of repercussions. This is no reason to eschew touching. It means, however, that the therapist’s goals and reasons must be absolutely clear and uncomplicated by his or her own personal needs”

(McNeely, 1987, p. 78)

Iam writing from a very different position to that of other contributors to this volume, in that I am a practising body psychotherapist. I trained as a Reichian therapist, in the direct tradition of Wilhelm Reich. My original training (with Energy Stream, the Post Reichian Therapy Association) was “humanistic Reichian”, following the near-universal picture of Reich as a “growth movement” practitioner that developed in the 1950s and subsequently.

However, although Reich was excluded from the psychoanalytic movement in the 1930s (for an account see R. Jacoby, 1986), his work was developed within psychoanalysis—in fact, in an effort to

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Chapter 9: Build and Implement

Chandler, M. Tamra Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

WHILE THE FIRST THREE PHASES of our PM Reboot process can be a wild ride, the nice thing about them is that you usually can control the process and the timeline as you see fit. But don’t expect that degree of control to last into Build and Implement. These final process phases will have far more variability because of the many dependencies that are impacted by performance programs. These dependencies often include the business calendar, other talent programs and initiatives, system and tool requirements for development and implementation, and the readiness of your team to take on the shifts you’re introducing. You will find that understanding and managing these dependencies is absolutely imperative in these final two phases. You’re going to have to spend some time on them in addition to the creative and tactical work of designing and creating the tools and content that will support your ultimate solution. So instead of telling you exactly how to build each of your PM Practices, let me instead share my experiences in managing those many dependencies in order to help you look like an implementation superstar.

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15 On the White Russian

Edward P Comentale Indiana University Press ePub

Craig N. Owens

Palm trees finger the sky, and there’s enough sunshine to lay some off on Pittsburgh. But that’s all on top. L.A., truth to tell, is not much different than a pretty girl with the clap.

Coleman and Zippel, City of Angels

Thanks to James Bond’s filmic popularity, the two rival mixologies of the vodka Martini are well known: the shaken and the stirred. Indeed, one might easily imagine a Levi-Straussian work of cultural anthropology, along the lines of The Raw and the Cooked, exploring how these two mixing methods have come to encapsulate whole attitudes toward life, love, and libations. The mixological niceties of the White Russian, by contrast, remain relatively unremarked upon, even among libationists familiar with the Dude. For, while it’s conceivable that the Martini is to James Bond what the White Russian—or to use the preferred dudism, the Caucasian—is to the fortuitously eponymous protagonist of the Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski, it is not so clear what impact his Belarusian leanings have had on his favorite collation’s cultural place, beyond the cult of Lebowski enthusiasts.

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"Y" Words: ACT College Prep Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781780644608

6: Stamp Books in the Harz Mountains, Germany – Fun not Just for Children

Richins, H.; Hull, J.S. CABI PDF


Stamp Books in the Harz Mountains,

Germany – Fun not Just for Children

Michael Lück1* and Sven Gross2

Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand;


Harz University of Applied Sciences, Wernigerode, Germany



Hiking has long been a popular leisure and holiday activity. This is, in part, because it is seen as an inexpensive activity (there is no need to purchase and maintain expensive equipment), can be undertaken almost anywhere, and can be enjoyed by all age groups, from children to seniors. Dreyer et al. (2010) talked about a renaissance of hiking in the last 15 years in Germany, and noted that tourism destinations have increasingly promoted hiking and provided the necessary infrastructure in a fiercely competitive market.

These hiking destinations are mostly located in the German mid-mountain and alpine ranges, with the most popular hiking regions in

­Germany being the Black Forest (12%), followed by the Elbsandsteingebirge in Saxonia

(8%), the Bayerische Wald in Bavaria (7%), and the Harz region (6%) (Menzel et  al.,

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24. End of the Gunfighters

Chuck Parsons and Norman Wayne Brown University of North Texas Press ePub



“[Jeff Hardin] was at his place of business, when, it seems he and John Snowden got into a dispute about an account. . . . [In] a short time the shooting was heard.”

Dallas Morning News, October 12, 1901

Not surprisingly perhaps, brother Jefferson Davis Hardin experienced violence as well as his older brother. In 1874, at the age of thirteen, he was in Comanche when John Wesley killed Webb. Hardin barely mentioned him in his Life, a simple mention that he drove the wagon back to his father’s farm. During the next thirteen years Jeff grew up. He lost his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Vinson, after only a few weeks of marriage. By the 1880s he was in Lipscomb County in the Texas Panhandle. The paper trail continues there with his marriage to Ida Mae Croussore, a young woman born on May 6, 1872, in Kokomo, Indiana, to William and Nancy Browning Croussore. How she arrived in Texas and when, and why she ended up in the isolated region of Lipscomb County remains a family mystery. Jeff Hardin and Ida Mae Crous-sore became husband and wife on October 24, 1887; he was twenty-six, she was fifteen.

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4. Between the Nationalities: Statist Slovak Jews, Separatist Slovaks, and the Revisionist Threat

Klein-Pejšová, Rebekah Indiana University Press ePub

Less than two weeks before the 1930 Czechoslovak census, the Hungarian minister of defense, Gyula Gömbös, took the floor in the Hungarian parliament to declare the Jews in the “occupied territories” to be “good Hungarian patriots.” He noted his willingness to accept them into Hungary’s elite Order of Heroes (Vitézi Rend), established in 1920 by the Hungarian regent Miklós Horthy and then prime minister Count Pál Teleki to honor soldiers who had served with distinction during the war.1 Yet Gömbös argued that their coreligionists and former compatriots across the border in Hungary itself were not good Hungarians, and he would not accept them into the order. His statements in parliament came just days after more explicit remarks at the tenth-anniversary celebration of the Order of Heroes’ establishment, held in the central Hungarian plains town of Kecskemét, where he defended and championed the order in the following way: “In recent days the ‘Vitézi Rend’ has been attacked in the Pester Lloyd because we exclude soldiers of Jewish confession from our ranks. I can only say, and at last permit me [to do so], that we Hungarians do remain Hungarian in at least one of our institutions.”2

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September—Apple Quilt

Kim Schaefer C&T Publishing ePub

Apple Quilt, 20½˝ × 28½˝, made by Kim Schaefer, quilted by Diane Minkley of Patched Works, Inc.

    yard total assorted tans for pieced background and appliqué pieces

   ½ yard total assorted colors for pieced border

   ½ yard red for apple

    yard black for seeds and stem

   ¼ yard green for leaf

    yard green for swirl

   1 yard for backing and binding

   24˝ × 32˝ batting

   1 yard paper-backed fusible web

Appliqué patterns are on pattern page P9. Refer to page 3 for preparing the appliqué.

Cut 15 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted tans for the pieced background.

Cut 20 squares 4½˝ × 4½˝ from the assorted colors for the pieced border.

Cut 1 each of appliqué pieces 1–9.

Cut 6 of appliqué piece 10.

Refer to page 3 for general piecing and appliqué instructions.

1. Make the pieced background.

2. Make the pieced borders, and sew them to the quilt top.

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Medium 9781576750353

6. Seminary as Servant

Robert K. Greenleaf Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

The essays that follow were written in recognition of two pervasive social problems: (1) widespread alienation in all strata of the population, and (2) the inability or unwillingness to serve on the part of far too many of the institutions that make up our complex society. Each of these problems may be a contributing cause to the other, and neither is likely to be healed without coming to terms with the other.

I believe that new religious insight is needed to deal with the dilemma that this reciprocal dependency presents (religious in the root meaning of rebind). Such insight may come as a gift to any earnest seeker, but its availability to the many whose lives may be enriched by it will be greatly enhanced if seminaries embrace it, put it in a context so that churches may mediate it, and give sustaining support to churches as they do their work. Any seminary that performs well in this role will be truly a servant in our times. But, as I argue later, this achievement is unlikely to come unless the stated missions of seminaries require it—mission statements that have clarity and power and the ring of contemporaneity. Such mission statements are not likely to emerge until seminary trustees give a character of leadership that is not yet generally accepted.

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Ogden, Thomas ePub


Toward the end of the fall semester of her senior year, six weeks after marrying Earl, Marta found a letter from the comptroller's office of the university in her mail box. This was not unexpected because at the end of each of the previous semesters she had received letters from the comptroller's office confirming the extension of her work-study scholarship. But before opening the envelope, Marta had a premonition that this letter was different from the others. She put the unopened envelope into the pocket of her green loden coat, and made her way up the four flights of stairs to the top floor. The apartment was dark, lit only on one side by the trapezoids of light on the ceiling cast by the streetlights in front of the building and the headlights of the occasional passing car. Marta let her backpack drop to the floor and made her way to her bedroom. She turned on the desk lamp and removed the letter from her coat pocket. With her heart pounding, she clumsily tore open the envelope.

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2 The Internet and Google’s Brilliance

Brittney Wilson Sigma Theta Tau International ePub

The Internet is constantly changing and growing, and its content is highly dynamic and generated by its users. There are websites run by government agencies, small businesses, big businesses, political activists, teenage girls, middle-age men, nerdy nurses, and anyone and everyone in between. Because the content is created by people, there is always a chance that it may be wrong. However, if you stick with resources created by people who are authorities on their topics, you can pretty much bet that the information provided is accurate.


As the saying goes, don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. More than likely, a majority of what you read on the Internet has been skewed or manipulated in some way. You should know that many blogs and websites are written by individuals who may not have any real authority or expertise on the topics they are writing about. It’s up to you to play detective to determine whether a site has merit.

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