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The Fast Track Diverted

Jennings, Ken Berrett-Koehler Publishers ePub

Why am I sitting on this train? If I had taken a flight, I’d already be there. Instead, I’ve got four more hours to sit here and fume about what I’ve gotten myself into.

I feel like I’m eight years old again. Dad says, “Why don’t you ride down on the train, Son! It’ll give you a chance to think.” And so I just do it. Like I’ve got time to sit for hours, thinking. Like I actually enjoy trains.

The thing about trains is this: trains only show you what you’re passing, not where you’re headed. Whatever you can see out the window is already old news. Been there. Regularly, the track bends enough that you can catch a glimpse of the journey ahead, but as soon as the train straightens its aim for the goal, you’re left sitting in the back just watching stuff go past. An hour into this trip and I’m way past bored.

Scratch that last sentence. I’m not bored. And, truthfully, being stuck on this train is not what I’m really troubled about. What upsets me is the fact that I don’t know what’s waiting for me at the end of this track. And I’m afraid to find out. I’m deeply worried about Dad. I don’t know how I’m going to pass so much time sitting here just with myself.

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CHAPTER NINE: From the court to the couch

Welldon, Estela V. Karnac Books ePub


Given that forensic patients present serious personality disorders and are unable to form relationships, it is obvious that some are more suitable than others for group treatment. To assess whether individual psychotherapy or group psychotherapy is indicated for offenders, it is vital to look closely at particular psychopathologies and needs. The selection criteria include their family structure, their living circumstances, and certain factors in their personalities.

Selection criteria for individual analytic psychotherapy

Patients who have never experienced satisfactory relationships in early life—for example, those who come from very large families with financial deprivation and emotional overcrowding—are likely to do better in individual treatment than in group treatment. Patients who are adopted or fostered who join a group with previous history and traditions will feel “on trial” and closely observed by others, who are perceived as “the old”, “legitimate”, “real” children. Patients who had been evacuated during the war tended to react with fears of rejection and despondency if they joined an already established group.

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4 Canine Distemper Virus

Munir, M. CABI PDF


Canine Distemper Virus

Somporn Techangamsuwan and Watanyoo Pratakpiriya

Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Canine distemper virus (CDV) is a contagious and fatal infectious pathogen that is distributed worldwide. It not only affects carnivores, but also emerging susceptible hosts including rodents and non-­ human primates. Epidemiological investigations have intensively studied CDV by H gene-based phylogenetic analysis and have classified CDV into 14 lineages: America-1 (vaccine) and -2, South America-1 and -2, Asia-1 to -4, Europe-1 to -3, Europe wildlife, Arctic-like and South Africa. Even though vaccination is extensively used for disease prevention in dogs, the incidence of CDV infection remains global.

Advancements in vaccine development are highlighted, such as the multivalent DNA-based vaccine comprising the glycoprotein of rabies virus and the haemagglutinin protein of CDV. Concurrently,

­effective therapies are underinvestigated and challenged for the success of disease control.

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The Virtual Device Managing Module of the Metaverse Assisted Living Support System

Hamid R. Arabnia, Leonidas Deligiannidis, Jane You, George Jandieri, Ashu M. G. Solo, and Fernando G. Tinetti CSREA Press PDF

Int'l Conf. Modeling, Sim. and Vis. Methods | MSV'14 |


The Virtual Device Managing Module of the

Metaverse Assisted Living Support System

EunJin Ko

JongHyun Jang

Real & Emotional Sense Convergence Service Research


Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Daejeon, Republic of KOREA ejko@etri.re.kr

Real & Emotional Sense Convergence Service Research


Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

Daejeon, Republic of KOREA jangjh@etri.re.kr

Abstract— The number of people who should have to need help from other people is increasing. If an IT service or solution can provide an easy way to help them, the handicapped people do more and live more comfort without other people’s help. In recent years, a lot of approaches focus on the physical devices to provide many functions. By the way, there are many other people who do not use these devices or IT solutions easily cause of unusual user interface. We concentrate our efforts to find a way to use usable solutions or devices of people and focus on the virtualization of real world using metaverse server which simulates the real world and creates new cyber space. Using metaverse server, we can provide and change dynamically virtual devices and IT solutions to each person considering individual condition by relatives or system manager remotely.

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Medium 9781786572134

Rajshahi & Rangpur

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet ePub

The vast alluvial floodplains of northwest Bangladesh were a cradle of ancient Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms that held sway over the region for centuries, before eventually succumbing to Islamic conquerors. Modern-day Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions – which cover this heritage-strewn region – are thus rife with the tumbledown walls of many splendidly decaying ruins from these bygone eras. Needless to say, it's enough reason for history and archaeology buffs to visit.

In a nutshell, the area contains some of Bangladesh’s finest rajbaris (Raj-era palaces), exquisitely decorated temples and the country's largest and most impressive Buddhist ruins. Small villages, colourful markets and remote communities living on fast-eroding sand islands all add to the allure of a trip to this part of the country. The idyllic rural landscape is stunning to boot, and lends a fantastic backdrop to the decaying, moss-hewn ancient architecture that steals the attention of your camera.

AOct–May Dry season, the best time to visit the flood-prone eastern regions.

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11 Football, Romanità, and the Search for Stasis / Mark Dyal

ISABELLA CLOUGH MARINARO Indiana University Press ePub

Rome is a city whose past is rich in images of warfare, conquest, and glory. From Virgil’s proclamation that the Romans were a people predetermined to rule the world, to Mussolini’s desire to reestablish Roman control of the Mediterranean, the idea that Rome and glory are interrelated has a long history. In contemporary Rome, it is an idea that has been adopted by the fans of the city’s football teams. As Associazione Sportiva Roma (AS Roma) and Società Sportiva Lazio (SS Lazio) search for wins in Italian and European football, both teams’ fans use a set of symbols culled from classical and fascist Rome designed to connect victory on the field, and often in the streets, with the idealized supremacy of Roman culture. However, these symbols are often at odds with the demographic realities of contemporary Rome. While the city is moving toward the multiculturalism found in other world capitals, many of its football fans embrace romanità, a deep affection for Rome and things Roman, in an effort to identify with a primordial Rome that is impervious to contemporary political and social trends. This chapter explains how football keeps alive a sense of Roman-ness that originated with the fascist regime, while also explaining the affinities and contrasts between the fans of AS Roma and SS Lazio.

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Vanessa Betts & Victoria McCulloch Footprint Travel Guides PDF



84 Background

86 Eastern hill stations

86 Dehra Dun

87 Mussoorie and Landour

89 Listings

93 Haridwar, Rishikesh

and around

93 Haridwar

95 Rajaji National Park

95 Rishikesh

97 Listings

103 Garhwal and the

Pilgrimage (Yatra)

104 Yamunotri and Gangotri

105 Rishikesh to Kedarnath

106 Kedarnath Temple and around

107 The Panch Kedars

108 Rudraprayag to


109 Badrinath and around

110 Listings

113 Trekking in Garhwal

and Kumaon Himalaya

115 Gangotri and

Yamunotri area

117 Nanda Devi area

122 Nainital and around

122 Nainital

125 Around Nainital

128 Listings

133 Corbett National Park

133 Arriving in Corbett

National Park

135 Wildlife and vegetation

136 Around the park

137 Listings

Footprint features

82 Don’t miss …

105 Ganga

127 Preserving India’s plant heritage

At a glance

T Getting around  Trains reach the foot of theHimalaya; use buses, share jeeps or car hire on mountain routes.

\ Time required  1-2 weeks for eastern hill stations and a retreat around Rishikesh; 12 days for Char

Dham pilgrimage; 3-4 days for

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Medium 9781936765973

Appendix F Changes in Mathematics Standards, 1989–2010

Solution Tree Press ePub


Helping students use their prior knowledge to enable them to recognize what is new and different in their learning is a key element of scaffolded instruction. Similarly, as you explore the CCSS for mathematics, it will be helpful to compare aspects of mathematics standards that have framed your previous instruction so that you can identify what is familiar, what is new and challenging, and what changes are required in the content delivered to your students. As you examine the CCSS mathematics standards for your grade level, you may find it helpful to refer to the standards that have formed the basis of your instruction recently. In all likelihood these standards are based on the landmark documents that have influenced mathematics instruction since 1989, when the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics published Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 1989). In 2000, NCTM updated these curriculum standards in their Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (PSSM), which has served as the blueprint for revised state standards throughout 2000–2010.

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A Dream of Birth

Elizabeth Jennings Carcanet Press Ltd. PDF

Complete us. Round

Or flat does not matter.

They are our idea of safety

And of eternity.

It seems then that,

Of all our aphorisms,

This one is true –

The endless is our home.

The Shaking World

Under all this

There is violence.

The chairs, tables, pictures, paper-weights

Are all moving, moving,

You can’t see it but they are being carried

Along with currents and continents.

We too are carried (our peace two quarrelling doves)

And nothing, nothing is still.

A Buddhist monk at his most uplifted

High in the Himalayas

Is moved too.

Great wheels of the world bear him round and round.

We have tried to tie the universe to horoscopes

While we whirl between star and star.

A Dream of Birth

It was a coming out to newness,

It was a hatching, a breaking,

I stretched my limbs finally and they came, came

Newmade, I could feel my own pulse.

And the shell around me dissolved, I let it go,

And then I began to feel green things and grow.

A pulse was under my fingers, a baby’s, a child’s pleasure,

Also a marriage rite was being performed.

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Medium 9781576336571

Equations with Several Variables: GRE Algebra

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9780946439805

2. Anxieties and Emotions of Individuals Affected by HIV/ARC/AIDS

Angela Molnos Karnac Books PDF


Anxieties and emotions of individuals affected by HIV/ARC/AIDS

Observations by J. Perurena

The following is an adapted and shortened version of a paper by Julen Perurena Lizarazu, a psychologist, working at AGIPAD, San Sebastian, Spain, entitled 'Aspectos psicol6gicos de los portadores del VIH, CRS y SIDA'. The author's experience derives mainly from counselling and treating HIV -positive drug addicts in groups and individually as well as inpatients of both sexes in hospitals throughout the various stages of ARC and AIDS. The AIDSrelated complex, or ARC, is the last stage in the progression of

HIV infection before full-blown AIDS develops and is characterized by particularly debilitating symptoms. However, it has to be pointed out that not all AIDS patients go through ARC.

Although the psycho-social background to this contribution is specific toNorthern Spain, the author's observations might enable those who have no first-hand experience of such patients to imagine the massive anxieties and emotional reactions facing primary care workers, counsellors and psychologists in HIV!AIDS-related programmes anywhere in the world.

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Medium 9781855750746

Chapter Eleven

Rhode, Eric Eric Rhode Ebook ePub

“The membrane”– continued.

A dreamer uses the image of a train-compartment window as a membrane to weave together the images of the dream and to evacuate their possible danger into her companion. The membrane does not exist in nature, and it cannot be directly apprehended by the senses. It is an idea that re-creates the psychic function of the umbilical cord in post-natal situations, a two-dimensional conception of the womb as a skin that contains entities, which is tolerable when the entities take the form of babies, intolerable when the babies transform into bites, representing a range of sensation that has to be got rid of. [The babies within the membrane are perceivable as motifs or atoms of meaning: when they are evacuated, they are known as sensations of an excruciating muscular kind to be associated with psychosis and torture, biting, blinding, burning, freezing, cramping & etc. They are closer to being beta elements than to being sensa.) The membrane as a two-dimensional conception of the womb originates from the foetus’s experience of the cord as a source of creativity and does not necessarily indicate a regression. It differs from the cord to the extent that it can be used to deny the meaning of birth as a radical transition. The neonate is liable to resort to it when it fears violation or intrusion, as when it cannot distinguish the experience of assault, actual or imaginary, from states of transition, as of being born. It may use the membrane to control and evacuate terror on the assumption that the membrane can distance it from terrors associated with incest and the perversions.

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Medium 9780982702970

4 Building a Vocabulary Program

Richard DuFour Solution Tree Press ePub

As explained in chapter 1, vocabulary instruction has historically been underemphasized in schools despite its critical role in students’ language and conceptual development. This is perhaps because teachers with limited time deem other instructional emphases more critical to students’ success. Beck and McKeown (2007) raised this question in the course of their research: “Given that direct instruction in vocabulary requires teacher planning and teacher and student time and results in less than complete learning, should direct instruction be viewed as an overly time-consuming way to build vocabulary?” (p. 265). Their answer is particularly illuminating:

Consider what is required for purely incidental learning of word meanings…. [Hart and Risley (1995)] estimated that higher-SES [socioeconomic status] children were exposed to over 30 million words of spoken language by the time they were 3 years old and on average had a vocabulary of about 1,100 words. Children from working-class homes were exposed to over 20 million words and had vocabularies of about 700 words, and children from lower-SES homes heard about 10 million words and knew about 500. The message here is that learning word meanings is not particularly efficient, no matter how it is done. When it happens incidentally—outside of instruction—people are not aware of the enormous number of words and encounters that come their way in order for learning to take place. (p. 265)

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Medium 9781855751170

CHAPTER 2. Seminar two

Campbell, David Karnac Books ePub

The second two-day seminar took place four months later, in March 1993. I was debating with myself whether it would be better to begin by looking at the participants' homework or do something unexpected to focus the group on specific themes: I decided on the latter. Therefore, I asked the group to divide equally into two groups: the “A's” and the “B's”. My intention was to allow them to have an experience of interviewing or consulting to each other, and the content of the consultation was designed to allow them to explore issues that I believed would help them appreciate life in an organization.

This is an example of using a structured exercise to create a context within the seminarin this case, one of exploring the participants' own experience of being in an organizationin which they learn by drawing on their own experience.

My instructions were that the A's should interview the B's for about twenty minutes to help them understand something about their own (B's) experience of their organization or their “organizational awareness”. I wrote some questions on a flip-chart, suggesting that these might be helpful in their interviewing:

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09: Controlling to Sharing

Grant Leboff Kogan Page ePub

The creation of the internet and the world wide web, combined with advances in technology, presents both individuals and companies with unprecedented opportunities. At the same time, however, one could argue that the landscape is more competitive than it has ever been, as many barriers to market have come down and therefore there are more entities trying to compete.

For example, there were 1,186,900 registered companies in the United Kingdom in 1990–91.1 By 2012–13, this had nearly trebled to 3,044,710.2 Similarly, in the United States, registered companies grew by over a million from 6,319,300 in 19923 to 7,396,628 in 2010.4 However, this is only a small part of the story. With the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the rise of India and China, the Western industrial economies now find themselves competing with literally billions of extra people. As technology increasingly renders geographical boundaries irrelevant for many purchases, this competition becomes even more fervent. Of course, the same facts also present companies with fresh and exciting opportunities. These territories provide Western industrialized countries with new markets in which to expand, as growing businesses and an emerging middle class look to purchase goods and services. In this global market, however, it is the very nature of competition and the way you respond to it that has really changed.

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