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Medium 9780874251746

4 Robin Hood—AnEmpowerment Activity

Glenn Parker HRD Press, Inc. PDF









Robin Hood—An

Empowerment Activity


To help team members identify those things they can do to help them be more effective.


To make the group aware of the concept of work team selfdirection.


To assist the leader in empowering their team.

A maximum of 8 members of an intact team.

2 hours

A room large enough for the team to be comfortable and wall space for posting flipchart pages. Chairs can be arranged in a circle or a table and chairs can be arranged in seminar style.

Easel, flipcharts, markers, and tape or push pins.


The team leader begins by telling the group of his or her commitment to empowering the team and introduces the facilitator. The team leader then leaves the group.


The facilitator gives a brief lecturette on the notion of empowering work teams so that they can be more effective in their tasks.


The facilitator then asks the team members to generate a list of ways they can be involved in the decision making process of the team.

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Medium 9781576336540

"V" Words: GRE Essential Vocabulary

Ace Academics Ace Academics ePub
Medium 9781574413175

Chapter 5: To the Courts

Bill Neal University of North Texas Press PDF



To the Courts

From Guns to Gavels

AS THE STORY OF THE BLOODY Boyce-Sneed feud continued

to unfold for more than two years—more melodramatic than any modern soap opera—lurid newspaper accounts of a scandalous romance, the stalking, the killings, and the sensational murder trials titillated readers all across America and Canada (where the press continued to take an unusually condescending and voyeuristic interest). Every twist of the tale seemed even more unbelievable than the last, and it not only shocked the nation but shook the pillars of West

Texas society.

The courtroom dramas, riveting enough as they were in their own right, also served to bring into sharp focus the marked differences between the liberal values emerging in the northern states and the traditional Victorian morals, customs, and religious beliefs still so deeply imbedded in southern culture—all this at the dawning of the new century when these “Old South” values were first beginning to be seriously challenged.


When they slammed shut the jailhouse door on John Beal Sneed for the killing of Colonel Boyce, the entire drama abruptly shifted

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Medium 9780253017727

3 Seliger 2009: “Commodify Your Talent”

Julie Hemment Indiana University Press ePub

AS I PREPARED TO RETURN TO TVERDURING THE SPRING OF 2009, I realized something was afoot. In the aftermath of the 2008 presidential election, state-run youth projects were in flux. While liberal newspapers jubilantly reported Nashi’s demise (it had ostensibly been disbanded), the media announced the launch of some new high-profile federal youth events. Indeed, 2009 had been declared Russia’s Year of Youth (God molodezhi, or Godmol, as it was abbreviated). Its flagship event, scheduled to take place at a lakeside resort in Tver’ region (about 190 kilometers outside the city of Tver’) was the summer educational camp, Seliger 2009.

Official accounts and promotional materials emphasized this event’s distinctiveness from the projects that had preceded it, energetically denying its association with Nashi. This, newspapers claimed, was no longer a narrow Nashi forum (as past Seliger camps had been); Seliger 2009 was organized by the newly founded Federal Youth Affairs Agency in partnership with the Ministry of Sports, Tourism, and Youth Policy. It was a competitive forum that invited all “talented” youth to apply from across the federation.

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Medium 9780892726301

chapter sixteen GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN

Silliker, Bill, Jr. Down East Books ePub

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