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7 The Best Nightlife

Olson, Donald FrommerMedia ePub

Vintage neon sign in Fremont.

Nightlife Best Bets

Best Fine-Dining Wine Bar

Purple Café and Wine Bar, 1225 4th Ave. (p 141)

Best Place to Dance with the Beautiful People

Baltic Room, 1207 Pine St. (p 143)

Best Bartenders

ZigZag Café, 1501 Western Ave. (p 142)

Best Date Spot

BOKA Restaurant + Bar, 1010 1st Ave. (p 140)

Best Brewpub

Elysian Brewing Company, 1221 E. Pike St. (p 140); and The Pike Pub & Brewery, 1415 1st Ave. (p 141)

Best Mariners Game-Day Hangout

Pyramid Alehouse, 1201 1st Ave. S. (p 142)

Best Jazz Club

Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley, 2033 6th Ave. (p 144)

Best Happy Hour

Contour, 807 1st Ave. (p 143)

Best Hotel Bar

Oliver’s Lounge, 405 Olive Way (p 141)

Best Bar Burger

Two Bells, 2313 4th Ave. (p 142)

Best Bar to Run into Your Roommate from Harvard

Bookstore Bar, 1009 1st Ave. (p 140)

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21: Strategies for Detecting Climate Adaptations in Wild Pearl Millet for Future Breeding Use

Maxted, N.; Dulloo, M.E.; Ford-Lloyd, B.V. CABI PDF


Strategies for Detecting Climate

Adaptations in Wild Pearl Millet for Future

Breeding Use

C. Berthouly-Salazar,1* C. Mariac,1 M. Couderc,1 I.S. Ousseini,1

S. Santoni,2 M. Tenaillon3 and Y. Vigouroux1


Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), UMR Diversité,

Adaptation et Développement des Plantes (DIADE), Montpellier, France;


UMR AGAP 1334, INRA, Montpellier, France; 3CNRS, UMR0320/UMR8120

Génétique Végétale, Gif-sur-Yvette, France

21.1  Introduction

The current climatic change trajectory predicts major modifications of average temperature worldwide (Bindoff et al., 2013). Regional temperature rise accompanied by rainfall scarcity will have major impacts on agriculture. It is expected that agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa will be particularly affected by these changes

(Niang et al., 2014). Sub-Saharan cereals agriculture relies mainly on native drylands cereals such as pearl millet and sorghum and non-native

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Edited by Cater, C.I., Garrod, B., and Low, T. CABI PDF


Journal of Ecotourism

A refereed journal first published in 2002, to address the varied issues around the booming phenomenon of ecotourism. It aims to advance the field of tourism by publishing articles, research notes and book reviews about the social, economic and ecological aspects of ecotourism. Governed by an international editorial board, it invites papers covering empirical, conceptual and theoretical research investigating our relationship with the natural environment, including nature-based tourism, parks and protected area tourism, risk management, ethics, marketing, interpretation and education. With three issues per year, including occasional themed special issues, it has established itself as the leading journal in the field of ecotourism, has become an essential reading for stakeholders concerned with tourism, and complements the Journal of

Sustainable Tourism.


  Journal of Ecotourism

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

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Satinder Bal Gupta and C.P. Gandhi Laxmi Publications PDF



Example 28. Given that P ∪ Q = P ∪ R, is it necessary that Q = R ? Justify your answer.


Sol. This is not necessary. Since


⇒ all elements of P or Q are in this set.


⇒ all elements of P or R are in this set.


Q ⊆ P and also R ⊆ P. Then P ∪ Q = P ∪ R = P.

Therefore, it is not necessary that Q = R.

Let P = {1, 2, 3, 4}, Q = {1, 2}, R = {3, 4}, then P ∪ Q = P ∪ R = P

But here Q ≠ R.

Example 29. Given that P ∩ Q = P ∩ R, is it necessary that Q = R ? Justify your answer.

Sol. This is not necessary. Since

P ∩ Q contains elements common to both P and Q.

P ∩ R contains elements common to both P and R.

But it is not necessary that Q = R because set R can have elements of set Q which are elements of set P as well, but it can also have elements other than those in set Q. e.g.,

Let P = {1, 2, 5, 6}, Q = {1, 2, 8}, R = {1, 2, 9}

Then P ∩ Q = P ∩ R = {1, 2} ; but Q ≠ R.

Example 30. Given that P ⊕ Q = P ⊕ R, is it necessary that Q = R ? Justify your answer.

Sol. It is necessary that Q = R.

Because P ⊕ Q = (P ∪ Q) � (P ∩ Q) i.e., this set contains elements which are in sets P or

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4 Juilliard, Studying with William J. Bell

Harvey Phillips Indiana University Press ePub


Juilliard, Studying with William J. Bell

I ARRIVED IN NEW YORK CITY by train during Labor Day weekend 1950 and took a taxi to Mr. Bell’s uptown teaching studio. Tante Lena was still there, as was Eric Hauser, with whom I would share the back bedroom while attending Juilliard. It was a utilitarian apartment/studio. I took one good look at the back bedroom and immediately started considering plans for making it more comfortable.

The morning after I moved in, I spoke to Eric about doing some minor redecorating, at my expense, of course. Eric cordially allowed that I could do whatever I wanted to do, as the room had needed redecorating for too long. I went to Tante Lena about my proposal. As expected, she was delighted, especially when she heard I would paint the walls and install new linoleum and custom-made venetian blinds to replace the dirty old window shades. She was even more delighted when I paid two months’ rent in advance. I went right to work, scrubbing the walls and floor and measuring everything. Over the telephone I ordered the linoleum and the custom-made blinds, to be delivered in one week. I visited the local hardware store and bought paint, paintbrushes, spackle, putty, several grades of sandpaper, and the minimum tools I expected to need as a bona fide resident of Apartment 1-E. When visitors smelled fresh paint, they wanted to see the room. They were surprised to see burgundy walls and a white ceiling along with matching yellow-green venetian blinds and linoleum. OK, so it wasn’t stylish, but it had character to spare! I was finished with decorating our room.

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